New Boundary Microphone ME-33 from Olympus

Olympus have just release a new microphone in Australia called the ME-33. The ME-33 is commonly known as a boundary or array microphone and connects to any Olympus digital voice recorder including the Pro DS series dictaphones (DS-7000/DS-3500) and the traditional meeting recorders like the DM-3 (this is the preferred recorder with the ME-33’s) or … read more

Olympus Revamp WS and VN Series Digital Voice Recorders in Australia

Olympus Australia this week announced a refresh of the popular WS series digital voice recorders and the low end budget VN series digital notetakers. In a surprise move, in my opinion, Olympus are sticking with three recorders in the WS series (I think only two recorders are really necessary).

Olympus WS Series Digital Voice Recorders

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Digital Voice Recorders In Journalism

Journalists use digital voice recorders to capture sound bites during press statements

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With all the hoo-haa surrounding the Julia Gillard vs Kevin Rudd showdown in Parliament recently I have found myself glued to the TV and twitterstream (in particular the fantastic work by @latikambourke) for news and updates on the goings on in Canberra. One thing I find myself doing when a press conference is on or a politician is hijacked as they leave Canberra Airport is watching the press pack thrust various microphones and digital voice recorders in the face of said pollies.

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Replacing Your Old Olympus Digital Voice Recorder – What Is The Current Equivalent Model?

Olympus Discontinued Voice Recorder Models

Olympus voice are an innovative bunch, they don’t tend to sit on their hands doing not a lot, they keep refining and evolving their range of digital voice recorders. It is not uncommon to see digital voice recorder models come and go in the space of a single year. As such we often find customers coming back after years of use to replace their digital note taker or dictaphone only to find that their old model voice recorder has been replaced by a newer model.

In an attempt to make finding the current equivalent voice recorder to replace your old trusty Olympus digital voice recorder a little easier I have compiled a list of old models and their latest equivalents. This list covers PCM music recorders, interview/meeting/focus group recorders, budget recorders, the Pro range of digital dictaphones and finally Olympus digital transcription kits.

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Olympus Revise Down Pricing On Some Of Their Most Popular Digital Notetakers

Olympus Imaging yesterday revised the price on a number of their hugely popular digital notetakers (used mainly for voice notes, interviews, meetings, conferences, lectures etc.) in a downward direction. Last year we had a flood of downward price movements after the middle man, Nationwide Dictating, was removed and Olympus Imaging took over Australian distribution of the voice products.

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September Olympus Voice Updates – PCM, Monster Memory, FM Radio

Another month, another round of new digital voice recorders coming from Olympus Imaging Australia. This month we sadly see the end of life for the WS-450S, WS-550M and WS-560M digital voice recorders, although stock of these will last for a month or two yet. Sad because these little recorders certainly keep the benchmark very high … read more

Digital Note Takers Discontinued By Olympus Australia

This month we have seen the demise of some digital notetakers from Olympus’ current range. Out go the Olympus WS-550M, VN-5500PC and VN-6800PC. The VN series recorders ends the line of super cheap discount recorders although some will still be available in the short term through national chains like Officeworks, no loss there I was … read more

Listening to Keynotes, What Digital Recorder? – LiveScribe Pulse SmartPen or Olympus WS-450S or iProRecorder

This week I was lucky enough to attend FlyingSoloLIVE, an expo run by the FlyingSolo team held at the Australian Technology Park in Sydney. The day consisted of a number of keynote speeches by well known successful Australian business people and social media experts all aimed to educate and inspire Australian solo and small business … read more