The Feisty Little Olympus WS Series Digital Voice Recorder Power Options – USB and/or AAA

The WS series of digital voice recorders from Olympus is a fantastic little range of three models the WS-811, WS-812 and WS-813. All are perfectly suited for recording small meetings, interviews and soundbites and with its small physical size is a favourite with journalists and the police. The recorders have many features which increase as … read more

Don’t Risk A Jenny Macklin [INAUDIBLE] Moment – Get A Proper Digital Voice Recorder

Australians will likely be familiar with the Jenny Macklin inaudible story in the mainstream press over the last couple of days. Sydney Morning Herald: The great vanishing act: Macklin’s dole comment disappears The Age: Macklin won’t release ‘inaudible’ audio ABC News: Macklin challenged to live on dole for a week For those of you who missed … read more

Why Buy A Digital Voice Recorder or Voice Recognition Software From A Reseller Rather Than A High Street Store

This is a post that I have been putting off writing for some time. I don’t want it to appear salesy but after a phone call to our office today I decided it was time to finish this post and to publish it. My business, Dictate Australia, is an Olympus Pro reseller and also a … read more

[Mac] Dragon Dictate 3 – What Digital Voice Recorders Are Compatible With The New Transcription Feature

New in Dragon Dictate 3 for the Mac is the Transcription feature. This allows you to record your voice when you are away from your Mac in digital format. That recording can later be loaded into Dragon Dictate 3 and a transcript of your words will be produced. This is uber new on the Mac … read more

Who Uses Digital Voice Recorders? – Australian Customs, As Seen on TV

I am a member of a very select group. It’s a group that notices digital voice recorders on TV and in movies. Oh yeah, they are everywhere and I often find myself sniggering at the cheap, low quality recorders most on TV or in Hollywood are using. Not so though my favourite voice recorder spotting … read more

New Voice Detect Feature In Olympus WS-812/WS-813 – Removes White Space From Audio Recordings

Olympus WS-812 digital voice recorder from Dictate Australia

Way back when, well almost a couple of months ago, when I heard of the new WS series digital voice recorders being released from Olympus came three brand new features that I couldn’t wait to have a play with. You may remember the blog post with the Dalek which announced Voice Playback (officially called Voice Detect), Voice Changer and Voice Balancer. I have been putting a demo Olympus WS-812 through its paces the last few days in readiness for a WS series review and ran a test of the Voice Detect feature for your reading and listening pleasure.

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Olympus Revamp WS and VN Series Digital Voice Recorders in Australia

Olympus Australia this week announced a refresh of the popular WS series digital voice recorders and the low end budget VN series digital notetakers. In a surprise move, in my opinion, Olympus are sticking with three recorders in the WS series (I think only two recorders are really necessary).

Olympus WS Series Digital Voice Recorders

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Digital Voice Recorders In Journalism

Journalists use digital voice recorders to capture sound bites during press statements

[audio:|titles=Listen To This Blog Post – Voice Recorders In Journalism]

With all the hoo-haa surrounding the Julia Gillard vs Kevin Rudd showdown in Parliament recently I have found myself glued to the TV and twitterstream (in particular the fantastic work by @latikambourke) for news and updates on the goings on in Canberra. One thing I find myself doing when a press conference is on or a politician is hijacked as they leave Canberra Airport is watching the press pack thrust various microphones and digital voice recorders in the face of said pollies.

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