Amazon AWS Transcribe – Disruption For The Transcription Typing Industry

Amazon AWS Transcribe for Audio Transcription

Transcription, a service whereby audio is listened to by a real person and physically typed, is now under pressure from new technology created by Amazon called AWS Transcribe an Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) service. #UPDATE# September 2020. Microsoft also disrupts by adding the Transcribe function to Word via which converts single or multi (meetings/interviews) … read more

Nuance Declare Dragon for Mac End-of-Life

Nuance Dragon for macOS Discontinued End-of-Life

In what we thought was a surprise move Nuance announced this week that it will be canning its macOS voice recognition software Dragon for Mac. It was a surprise to us as the latest version Dragon for Mac v6 was finally at a good state with really good live voice recognition and just a good … read more

Free Voice Recognition from Apple, Microsoft & Google

Google Voice Typing - Voice Recognition

** This post was originally written in 2017. ** UPDATE September 2020: Microsoft release the Transcribe feature in Word online for Mac and PC, here is the post: Voice recognition or voice-to-text isn’t anything new, it has been around for years made by a company called Nuance in the form of Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Recently … read more

Drastically Reduce Transcription Costs & Time With Voice to Text Software for Mac & Windows

We have been writing this blog for quite a few years now, our first post was back in early 2009. Since then we have covered advances in the voice recording world and touched on speech recognition software here and there. We were even resellers for Dragon NaturallySpeaking for Windows for a while and were helping … read more

Nuance Release Update 3.04 for Dragon Dictate 3 for Mac – Mavericks OS X 10.9 Compatible

With the successful worldwide release of Apple’s latest Mac operating system OS X 10.9 Mavericks a couple of weeks ago, if you are like me you would have installed it straightaway. If you had, when you ran Dragon Dictate you would have been met with this splash screen:   Clicking on the “More Info” tab … read more

[Mac] Small Bump Takes Dragon Dictate 3 to Version 3.0.1 – Bug Fix Update

The first update to Dragon Dictate 3 from Nuance has been released, the small bug fix update takes the worlds best voice recognition software for the Mac to version 3.0.1 – nothing to see here, just grab the update and move on. Release Notes For Dragon Dictate 3.0.1 Addressed issues related to extraneous characters and … read more

[Mac] Olympus DSS Player Plus v7.3.3 Released – Creates Dragon Dictate 3 Compatible AIF Audio Files

Drum roll please …. Olympus have just rolled out the latest update to DSS Player Plus v7 for the Mac going to version 7.3.3. The update includes the fix/change/feature to convert audio recorded on their professional digital dictation machines (DS-7000/DS-5000) in DSS Pro (.ds2) format to high quality .AIF which can be used by Nuance’s … read more

[Mac] Dragon Dictate Minor Update To Version 3.0.1 Available For Free Download

Nuance recently (14th November, 2012) pushed out the first update to the new version 3 of Dragon Dictate taking it now to minor release version 3.0.1 You should be auto prompted to update to this release on Dragon Dictate start up. If not and you do not have auto check for updates on (turn it … read more