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[Mac] Olympus To Release Update To DSS Player Plus v7 To Make Dictaphones Fully Dragon Dictate 3 Transcription Compatible

##UPDATE January 2013## ## DSS Player Plus v7.3.3 Released – click here I received a heart warming email from the Olympus Australia Dictation Product Manager yesterday. The email contained the release notes for the next version of Olympus’ Mac digital dictation software called DSS Player Plus v7 expected to be released in early 2013. DSS … read more

Why Buy A Digital Voice Recorder or Voice Recognition Software From A Reseller Rather Than A High Street Store

This is a post that I have been putting off writing for some time. I don’t want it to appear salesy but after a phone call to our office today I decided it was time to finish this post and to publish it. My business, Dictate Australia, is an Olympus Pro reseller and also a … read more

[Mac] Dragon Dictate 3 – What Digital Voice Recorders Are Compatible With The New Transcription Feature

New in Dragon Dictate 3 for the Mac is the Transcription feature. This allows you to record your voice when you are away from your Mac in digital format. That recording can later be loaded into Dragon Dictate 3 and a transcript of your words will be produced. This is uber new on the Mac … read more

[Mac] Dragon Dictate 3 – The Best Way To Find Out About It Is To Watch The Demo Videos

Dragon Dicate 3 for Mac was recently launched in Australia (this month, October 2012) and with it has come the usual flurry of phone calls and emails with plenty of questions .. What’s new?  How is it better that the previous version?  Does it work?  I used Dragon years ago and it was rubbish, has … read more

[Mac] Olympus Pro Dictaphone Audio Not Quite Compatible With Dragon Dictate 3 for Mac Transcription Module from Nuance

## UPDATE – January 2013 – FIXED ## Olympus have released DSS Player Plus v7.3.3 for Mac, click here for more ## UPDATE – November 2012 ## Olympus to release update to DSS Player Plus v7 for Mac early 2013 to fix this issue, click here for more The huge excitement which surrounded the recent launch of … read more

Nuance Tease Dragon Dictate 3 For Mac – Finally Works With Recorded Audio

After years of waiting and for the numerous customers I have spoken to who I had promised that “one day soon” Dragon Dictate for Mac would support transcription from recorded audio, the cat is finally out of the bag with the announcement of Dragon Dictate 3 for Mac. In a press release yesterday out of … read more

Apple Announce Voice Recognition Built Into Mountain Lion at WWDC 2012

Apple Announce Voice Speech Recognition Built Into OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion called Dictation

This week (11th to 15th June, 2012) Apple are holding their yearly World Wide Developers Conference (aka WWDC) at Moscone West in San Francisco, California. I am always fascinated by this event, it teases so much info yet at the same time manages to conceal from the world the intricate detail in those teases.

Opening WWDC 2012 was Apple’s CEO Tim Cook who announced a whole raft of new hardware and software to get any Apple user just a little excited. The keynote is the only event at WWDC where journalists can attend, the rest of the week is dedicated to the developers where they get the inside scoop on Apples plans for their iOS and Mac OS X operating systems. Attendance is governed by the developers signing a Non Disclosure Agreement or NDA – leaving them in what I am sure is a bursting to tell someone quandary. Anyway, onto the subject of this post Dictation.

During the opening keynote Apple announced that a new version of the Mac operating system OS X would be available in July 2012 taking it to version 10.8 and continuing the feline tradition called Mountain Lion. Mountain Lion comes jam packed with new goodies and features but the one that caught my eye was Dictation.

read moreApple Announce Voice Recognition Built Into Mountain Lion at WWDC 2012

Type What You Speak – Voice Recognition Software For Mac, Dragon Dictate from Nuance

Using Dragon Dictate for Mac to type real time speech to text voice recognition

Voice recognition software is nothing new, it has been around since 1997 on Windows with the well known Dragon NaturallySpeaking software. Nuance the makers of NaturallySpeaking also have a Mac offering in the form of Dragon Dictate which shares the same voice recognition engine known as Dragon. In the following quick video I wanted to just show you Dragon as it is most commonly used, simply to type as you talk.

Perfect for those of you just want to speak your thoughts, maybe writing a blog post, your first novel or a story for publication if you are a journalist. Simply sit back, relax and talk using Dragon – yes there will be mistakes (there is one in the video, did you spot it?) but the key point is you can get your thoughts out without being interrupted or slowed down with your typing speed. Voice recognition, as I mention in the video, is said to be upto five times faster than typing yourself. Couple the speed of transcription with a quick run through proof read and you still have text down much quicker than typing it yourself.

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