Clock Ticks On Olympus DSS Player Pro 5 Support – End of Life July 2014

Olympus are about to discontinue support for the ground breaking DSS Player Pro release 5 that has served many a dictator and professional transcriptionist well over the last few years. And, as a word of warning for those still clinging to this release, now is the time to finally bite the bullet and upgrade to … read more

[Mac] Olympus Pro Dictaphone Audio Not Quite Compatible With Dragon Dictate 3 for Mac Transcription Module from Nuance

## UPDATE – January 2013 – FIXED ## Olympus have released DSS Player Plus v7.3.3 for Mac, click here for more ## UPDATE – November 2012 ## Olympus to release update to DSS Player Plus v7 for Mac early 2013 to fix this issue, click here for more The huge excitement which surrounded the recent launch of … read more

[Windows] Olympus DSS Player Pro R5 Update Available – R5.0.13

If you use DSS Player Pro, either the dictation module or transcription module software from Olympus, a update to version R5.0.13 has become available. The small update is an important one if you receive audio (transcriptionist) or share digital dictaphones in your office as this bring DSS Player Pro in line with the very latest digital dictaphones recently released by Olympus – the Olympus DS-7000 (replaced the DS-5000) and Olympus DS-3500 (replaced the DS-3400).

Although R5 software at the previous version R5.0.12 was compatible with audio recorded on these new digital voice recorders in their default setting (recording DSS Pro .ds2 audio files), ODMS (Olympus Dictation Management System R6) has the option to encrypt/decrypt audio at 256bit. Older recorders like the DS-5000 and earlier versions of DSS Player Pro R5 could only encrypt/decrypt 128bit audio. Don’t worry, if you don’t encrypt your audio then your R5 DSS Player Pro software will be able to play the audio files from the new DS-7000/DS-3500.

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Olympus DSS Player Pro R5 Free Trial Software Download

Olympus DSS Player R5 Pro Free Trial Download

Is there a trial version of the Olympus DSS Player R5 Dictation Module and Transcription Module software? YES THERE IS !! …. read on

### DSS Player Pro R5 has been replaced by version R6 now 
### called ODMS - Olympus Dictation Management Software. 
### Click here for a free trial of this software.


Olympus DSS Player Pro r5 software comes in two forms, the dictation module and the transcription module. The Dictation Module software comes as part of the package when you buy the Olympus Professional dictaphones (DS-5000 and DS-3400). The transcription module accompanies the AS-5000 professional transcription kit.

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Type What You Speak – Voice Recognition Software For Mac, Dragon Dictate from Nuance

Using Dragon Dictate for Mac to type real time speech to text voice recognition

Voice recognition software is nothing new, it has been around since 1997 on Windows with the well known Dragon NaturallySpeaking software. Nuance the makers of NaturallySpeaking also have a Mac offering in the form of Dragon Dictate which shares the same voice recognition engine known as Dragon. In the following quick video I wanted to just show you Dragon as it is most commonly used, simply to type as you talk.

Perfect for those of you just want to speak your thoughts, maybe writing a blog post, your first novel or a story for publication if you are a journalist. Simply sit back, relax and talk using Dragon – yes there will be mistakes (there is one in the video, did you spot it?) but the key point is you can get your thoughts out without being interrupted or slowed down with your typing speed. Voice recognition, as I mention in the video, is said to be upto five times faster than typing yourself. Couple the speed of transcription with a quick run through proof read and you still have text down much quicker than typing it yourself.

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Dragon Express Mac App – The Next Best Thing To A Free Trial Of Dragon Dictate for Mac

Dragon Express - Try Voice Speech Recognition On The Mac

One of the most common searches that end up with visitors landing on my blog is people looking for a trial version of Dragon Dictate for the Mac. Good idea, it is quite a hefty purchase price (AU$180+) for some software that most know little about and therefore the cost vs risk factor is high. A trial version would be a good lead into the software and would allow people to have a play, see how accurate it is and become more comfortable before committing to a purchase. Great idea but alas a free trial version is not available.

As a compromise Nuance have just released to the Mac App Store Dragon Express  Dragon Express - Nuance Communications for a cut down, yet still significant price of $US49.99 (AU$51.99). This app is an excellent introduction into voice recognition on the Mac and is essentially a cut down version of Dragon Dictate 2.5 – Nuance’s flagship speech recognition product for the Mac.

So how does it work?

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Express Scribe Pro for Mac Released by NCH Software – Transcription for Apple Typists

Express Scribe Pro & Free Version for Apple Mac by NCH Software

This makes me smile. I’m a Mac person so anyone who supports this platform automatically gets a big tick from me. This is one of the key reasons I am an Olympus reseller, Olympus have been Mac compatible for years and any company that has the foresight to be Mac compatible should give themselves a pat on the back. Just have a look around next time you are at the airport, at a conference or in a university lecture hall, all you see is a mass of glowing Apple logo. Step up NCH Software (I still go to call them NCH Swift Sound from the old days) who have featured regularly in my blog of late. Following on from their recent release of Express Scribe Pro for Windows comes Express Scribe Pro for Mac.

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Using Express Scribe From NCH In A Transcription Business

Express Scribe, the transcription software from NCH Software is famous the world over with seasoned virtual assistants and also with those looking to start a career in the transcription industry. Why? Well mainly because it’s free but there are also plenty of other compelling factors to this software. Annalisa Holmes from The Transcription People, one … read more