Olympus DSS Player Pro R5 Free Trial Software Download

Olympus DSS Player R5 Pro Free Trial Download

Is there a trial version of the Olympus DSS Player R5 Dictation Module and Transcription Module software? YES THERE IS !! …. read on

### DSS Player Pro R5 has been replaced by version R6 now 
### called ODMS - Olympus Dictation Management Software. 
### Click here for a free trial of this software.


Olympus DSS Player Pro r5 software comes in two forms, the dictation module and the transcription module. The Dictation Module software comes as part of the package when you buy the Olympus Professional dictaphones (DS-5000 and DS-3400). The transcription module accompanies the AS-5000 professional transcription kit.

Why download and install the DSS Player Pro R5 trial version?

  • Maybe you have just upgraded to a new PC and can’t find your original licence key. With the trial you get 60 days to find it or purchase a replacement licence – no lost productivity.
  • Thinking about converting from analogue tapes to digital dictation and transcription? Have a look at the software and test it out on your computer and office setup prior to buying your digital dictaphones or transcription kits.
  • Desperately need to convert Olympus .ds2 audio files for playback in older Olympus R4 transcription modules or Express Scribe, dictation module will convert from DSS Pro .ds2 to .mp3 .wma .wav or .dss

Dictation Module (Olympus model number AS-5001)

This software is used by the person who dictates using either the Olympus DS-5000 or DS-3400 digital dictaphones. It is fully featured software and assists the person dictating by automatically downloading audio from their digital dictaphone to their PC. Not only that the software can automatically send your dictation audio files to your typist via either email, FTP or by dropping the files onto a shared network drive or third party file sharing software like Dropbox. Audio files can also be edited by the user prior to sending for transcription.

The Olympus DSS Player Dictation Module software is also very popular with transcription services as it will easily convert .ds2 audio files to .dss or .wma for load into older Olympus transcription kits or free transcription software like Express Scribe from NCH Software.

Transcription Module (Olympus model number AS-5002)

This software when used with a headset and USB transcription foot control (known as the Olympus RS-28) is used by professional transcription typists to start/stop/play/rewind audio as they type into their favourite word processing software.

Software Licence

Both the dictation and transcription module software are licenced meaning they require a purchased software licence key to function. If you would like to try either the dictation or transcription module in your business before you purchase a valid licence key then a free 60 day trial is available. Simply download the software and follow the special trial install instructions and you can see just how powerful the Olympus DSS Player Pro software is.

Download The Latest Version Of DSS Player Pro R5

Want to get a head start and download DSS Player Pro R5 now? Click this link dictat.es/dss-player to download the latest version to your PC (225Mb). Unzip the contents and then be ready to follow the instructions we will email to you to install either the dictation module, transcription module or both in trial mode.

Once downloaded run but cancel the Auto Run feature. Next click [Start] followed by [Run] and type:

msiexec.exe /i D:\DSSProR5\DSSPlayer.msi TRIALMODE=ON

You will need to change the path highlighted in red above to the location that you downloaded the software to. That’s it, you will have the option of install either the dictation module, transcription module or both. After 60 days you will require a licence to continue using DSS Player Pro R5.


Please note the trial version of DSS Player Pro R5 is only available for Windows standalone installs and is not available for Workgroup, Citrix or Mac users. Software licences are available for purchase outside of Australia from us.


22 thoughts on “Olympus DSS Player Pro R5 Free Trial Software Download”

  1. I have followed the instructions for Olympus DSS player and now await an email for instructions.
    Thanks. I have previously bought the new Pro Express Scribe and cant get it to work on my computer at all. Its been a nightmare.

  2. Hello

    Thanks for dropping by. The instructions for installing DSS Player are now contained in the post, essentially just cancel the auto run and execute the msi file turning on the TRIALMODE switch:

    msiexec.exe /i D:\DSSProR5\DSSPlayer.msi TRIALMODE=ON

    DSS Player R5 has since been replaced by release 6. Olympus have changed the name also and it is now called ODMS (Olympus Dictation Management Software). A 60 trial version of release 6 is also available, you should use this version.

    Both R5 and R6 will convert .ds2 to .dss files for use in older transcription software packages like Express Scribe. The Pro version of Express Scribe does try to play .ds2 but I have heard of some issues. If you need to transcribe .ds2 audio files then it is worth the investment in Olympus ODMS to transcribe your audio.

    I hope that helps.


  3. I had Olympus DSS transciption module installed on my PC last year via a CD.

    I have bought a new computer SONY CONVERTIBLE ALL-IN-ONE which does not have a CD feature. How do I re-install the Olympus DSS transcription module again please? I have the licence number but cannot find anywhere online where I can downloand the module. Is there a way?

    Please advise.

  4. Hello Vida

    You kept the licence key, perfect, this is


    most important thing about DSS Player (R5) and ODMS (R6) as the CD can always be replaced but not the licence key.

    I have a copy of DSS Player Pro R5 that you can download, it is the contents of the CD. You can download it from here:


    Hope that helps !!

    Dictate Australia

  5. @Dave Thanks so much for the link. I can’t seem to find the software for the Dictation AND the Transcription software. I have the licenses but that’s it. I know it’s Version 5 and I believe when the installer starts you choose either Dictation or transcription.

    Anyone know where I can find a copy?

  6. Hello

    The dictation and transcription software is bundled together in the same software package. You do not choose one or the other it will be determined based on the licence key you enter.

    Licence keys starting with RD will install the dictation module. Licence keys starting with RT will install the transcription module.

    Hope that helps.


  7. My foot pedal is RS27. Is it compatible with the R5? What is the cost after the 60 day free trial? Thanks for your help.

  8. Hello Sandy

    You would be better off going with Release 6 which is now called ODMS instead of DSS Player Pro. ODMS R6 is compatible with the RS-27, the RS-27 doesn’t get a mention as they are not available in Australia but I do know that they are compatible with release 6. ODMS replaces DSS Player Pro and is backward compatible with earlier Olympus recorders and the RS-27, RS-28 and new RS-31 pedals.

    Here is the link for the ODMS R6 download and 60 day trial install:

    At the end you will need to buy the Olympus part number AS-7002 which is the software CD and the licence key. In Australia they are RRP AU$199.

    Olympus ODMS R6 AS-7002 transcription module

    I hope that helps.


  9. I performed the run command that you instruct but it is still asking me for the license key. What to do now?

  10. Could you advise on where we can obtain the latest software for the Olympus AS-4000 PC Transcription Software. We currently have a licence for Version 4 of DSS Player Pro Transcription Module.

    We are looking for compatibility with Win 7 x64 as we have upgraded from Win XP Pro.
    We understand from http://www.olympus.co.jp/en/support/imsg/vtrek/compati/win7.cfm#chk3 that:

    *3 The DSS Player needs to be upgraded to Pro R5.0.8.
    *4 DSS Player Pro R5.0.8 is required. Please note that the following operation may not work. The patch for the R5.0.8 will be provided at a later date.

    We appreciate any assistance you can provide.

  11. Hello Brian

    You should get the latest Olympus software for dictation and transcription called ODMS (Olympus Dictation Management System), this replaced DSS Player that you referred you. ODMS is also referred to as R6 (released 6) and DSS Player Pro (release 5). You have R4 with your DS-4000. There is no upgrade path from R4 to R6, there is an upgrade path from R5. So you would need to buy the full software.

    The part numbers you need are:

    To replace your dictation module you need Olympus AS-7001
    To replace your transcription module you need Olympus AS-7002

    I hope that helps.


  12. Hello Mike

    In short no, you will need to replace your version 4 software with version 6 which is now called ODMS (Olympus Dictation Management System). You will need the Olympus part AS-7001 if replacing the dictation module.

    v4 is not compatible with Windows 7 and is also out of support as are the DS-4000. Support for the DS-4000 was dropped in a recent release of v6 also, so you will need to be careful on what version you get.

    Your best option and the most expensive i’m afraid is you replace your DS-4000 with a DS-7000. I can feel you rolling your eyes right now but when you think of how many years service you have received from your 4000 it’s not a bad innings.

    From v5 of the software Olympus now have a defined upgrade path with low cost major software updates. So you should be more protected going forward.

    I hope that helps a little.


  13. I have transcription module for DSS Player Pro Version 5.
    I have some .ds2 files to transcribe but they play as scrambled words, and won’t convert to .dss or .wav.
    What do I need to do?
    I don’t need dictation module, just transcription module.
    If i purchase new transcription software work with my existing foot pedal?
    How much is new module?
    If I install a free trial, will it overwrite my old version and stop it from working?
    Thank you

  14. Hello Fiona

    DSS Player Pro Version 5 is now discontinued and no longer supported by Olympus for both dictation module and transcription module. There are upgrade options to version 6 (ODMS) which are:

    Olympus AS-7003 – Dictation Module upgrade from v5 to v6 ODMS
    Olympus AS-7004 – Transcription Module upgrade from v5 to v6 ODMS

    Both are reasonably priced at $59 each incl. GST in Australia

    Scrambled ds2 files indicate a possible issue with the recording or recorder and not generally a software issue.

    If you are already running v5 transcription module then your existing pedal will work with ODMS v6. Only the RS-28 and RS-31 pedals are supported by version 6 ODMS. A new transcription module licence on its own is $199 incl. GST in Australia and that is Olympus part number AS-7002, but as noted above if you already have a v5 licence an upgrade option is available.

    I hope that helps.


  15. Hi, I have the Olympus DSS Player Pro R5 on my desktop and I’ve purchased a laptop and would like to use my foot pedal to work away from home. If I have the license key am I allowed to copy it onto my laptop? It is only for my own use.


  16. I can’t get the option to “update” to not be greyed out once I changed the audio format of the dication files to DSS Classic. I need the files saved as DSS and not DS2 files. I understand you have to click on “update” after the change, but the option is greyed out.

  17. Hello Tracey

    Are you trying to change the default record mode on a digital dictaphone (DS-5000 or DS-7000) from .ds2 to .dss? If so then the recorder needs to be on and in the cradle.

    If you just want to convert from ds2 to dss just load the audio file into one of the transcription tray folders, right click and select convert.

    Hope that helps.


  18. Hello Laila

    The official answer is no, you have a single install licence meaning the software can only be installed and used on one PC. To utilise the software on an additional PC you will need to buy an additional licence.

    I hope that helps.


  19. I have the DS5 transcription module installed and it is not working when trying to convert files. I keep getting an error message. I have windows 10 – is it compatible on this?

  20. Hello Leanne

    DSS Player Pro R5 is not compatible with Windows 10 which may be your issues. Also, if your audio is encrypted then this may also cause you an issue as the newer software encrypts at 256bit yet version 5 can only decrypt upto 128bit.

    There is an upgrade path from R5 to R6 (now called ODMS – Olympus Dictation Management System). For the transcription module, as long as you have your serial number starting RT5xxx, you need Olympus part AS-7004 which is AU$59, here is the link for your reference:


    Hope that helps.


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