Olympus ODMS R7 Not Supported On Windows 7 Post 14th January 2020

Olympus ODMS R7 Support on Windows 7 PCs Ends 14 January 2020

Olympus ODMS R7 No Longer Supported On Windows 7 After January 14, 2020 We have all long known that Microsoft would pull the plug on the support of their older yet still popular Windows 7 operating system mid-January 2020. Well, Olympus is doing the same for their ODMS R7 Dictation & Transcription Module software. With … read more

New Olympus RS-32 Transcription Hand Controller Supported in DSS Player Pro R5 & ODMS R6

Olympus Imaging Australia have released the new RS-32 in Australia and have linked the release with a free update to their DSS Player Pro R5 transcription module software. The update takes DSS Player Pro R5 to version R5.0.14 and includes support and the drivers for the RS-32 along with some patches and bug fixes. A hand … read more

Dead PC or Upgrading Computer? – How To Transfer Your Olympus DSS Player Pro, ODMS or DSS Player Plus Software Licence

Congratulations, you finally went out and splurged on the latest and greatest Windows PC or Mac, maybe as an upgrade or maybe because your last machine ceased to be and could no longer keep up with the pressure of daily use. During the long winded transfer of software and restore of data from one to … read more

Hugo Dictation iPhone App Compatible With Olympus Transcription Module – ODMS and DSS Player Pro

Sometimes the obvious ideas are the best. Here is a perfect example, Hugo-Dictation [ hugo-dictation.com ] out of the UK has done exactly that, make an iPhone voice recording app and make it compatible with the Olympus transcription module software .. brilliant! Voice recording and dictation apps are two a penny on the app store … read more

[Windows] Olympus DSS Player Pro R5 Update Available – R5.0.13

If you use DSS Player Pro, either the dictation module or transcription module software from Olympus, a update to version R5.0.13 has become available. The small update is an important one if you receive audio (transcriptionist) or share digital dictaphones in your office as this bring DSS Player Pro in line with the very latest digital dictaphones recently released by Olympus – the Olympus DS-7000 (replaced the DS-5000) and Olympus DS-3500 (replaced the DS-3400).

Although R5 software at the previous version R5.0.12 was compatible with audio recorded on these new digital voice recorders in their default setting (recording DSS Pro .ds2 audio files), ODMS (Olympus Dictation Management System R6) has the option to encrypt/decrypt audio at 256bit. Older recorders like the DS-5000 and earlier versions of DSS Player Pro R5 could only encrypt/decrypt 128bit audio. Don’t worry, if you don’t encrypt your audio then your R5 DSS Player Pro software will be able to play the audio files from the new DS-7000/DS-3500.

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Compare The New Olympus DS-7000 vs Olympus DS-5000

That is it, our stock of the DS-5000 has gone and a quick phone call to Olympus in Sydney confirmed that they too have none left, the Olympus DS-5000 is now officially discontinued in Australia. So what are we to make of its replacement the new Olympus DS-7000. Well to be honest a close look … read more

Olympus DSS Player Pro R5 Free Trial Software Download

Olympus DSS Player R5 Pro Free Trial Download

Is there a trial version of the Olympus DSS Player R5 Dictation Module and Transcription Module software? YES THERE IS !! …. read on

### DSS Player Pro R5 has been replaced by version R6 now 
### called ODMS - Olympus Dictation Management Software. 
### Click here for a free trial of this software.


Olympus DSS Player Pro r5 software comes in two forms, the dictation module and the transcription module. The Dictation Module software comes as part of the package when you buy the Olympus Professional dictaphones (DS-5000 and DS-3400). The transcription module accompanies the AS-5000 professional transcription kit.

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