New Olympus RS-32 Transcription Hand Controller Supported in DSS Player Pro R5 & ODMS R6

RS32 Olympus RS-32 Australia USB hand controller for transcription

Olympus Imaging Australia have released the new RS-32 in Australia and have linked the release with a free update to their DSS Player Pro R5 transcription module software. The update takes DSS Player Pro R5 to version R5.0.14 and includes support and the drivers for the RS-32 along with some patches and bug fixes.

A hand controller for controlling audio playback is something new for Olympus, other audio players in the dictation/transcription market have had these for a while. Traditionally transcription typists prefer a foot pedal, however with younger transcriptionists coming through the ranks and utilising this skill in their business the foot pedal has been pushed aside in favour of using hotkeys. The RS-32 sits with your keyboard so can act as an extension of the hot keys, this new Olympus accessory will be a welcome addition I am sure to many a hot key typist.

The RS-32 is already supported in the ODMS R6 transcription module software (at version 6.2) but by adding DSS Player Pro support opens up the market for RS-32 users even further. The hand controller comes without software and can only be used with the transcription module in place of the RS-28 or RS-31 USB foot control. The update to DSS Player Pro R5.0.14 was released on the Olympus servers yesterday and can be downloaded via the usual Help -> Check For Updates in your transcription module software.

ODMS dictation module also supports the use of the RS-32 for remote control of either the DS-7000 or DS-3500 meaning that audio recording can be initiated, paused, stopped and rewound using the RS-32, as you also can with the USB foot pedals. This is not the case with R5 dictation module, you will not be able to control recording on the DS-5000 or DS-3400.

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