[Windows] Olympus Release ODMS Update R6.2.0 for Dictation and Transcription Module

Olympus ODMS Update R6.2 Dictation Transcription Module Windows

The flurry of updates to ODMS (Olympus Dictation Management System for Windows) since its launch continues this week with the roll out of a free update which takes the latest version of the dictation and transcription module software to R.6.2.0

Official Changes in ODMS R6.2.0 change log are listed as:

  1. RS32 (Hand Controller) is supported.
  2. Direct upgrade from DSSPlayer Pro R4 to ODMS is supported. – DSS Player Pro R4.10.4 is only supported. – Both Standalone system and Workgroup system are supported. – Settings in R4 will automatically migrate to ODMS. – Operating systems supported after upgrade will comply with what ODMS supports. – ODMS license is required.
  3. “Adaptation”, function for voice recognition can be executed on PCs on which Text corrections has not been made. This allows the author to perform Adaptation on the text that other people have corrected on the other PC.
  4. Added function to copy all the text on the editor displaying results of voice recognition.
  5. Added option to set Lighting time 2 minutes and 5 minutes for the DS-7000/3500.
  6. Added option to change the following items in Edit Job Data dialog. – File name – Worktype ID – Priority, Priority Level – File Locked
  7. Czech is supported.
  8. Citrix XenDesktop 5.6 is supported.
  9. Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 Professional/Legal Edition is supported.

So lets run through these quickly …

RS32 Olympus RS-32 hand controller for transcription

The Olympus RS32 is now supported. The RS32, which is not yet available in Australia, is an alternative for transcription typists who prefer not to use a USB foot pedal to control their audio playback, which fits to the bottom of your keyboard to facilitate hand gestures to control audio playback.

Olympus have added support in this release to upgrade from DSS Player Pro R4 direct to ODMS (R6). This is great news for the many people out there still using their trusty DS-4000 digital dictaphones and AS-4000 transcription kits who want or need to upgrade to Windows 7 or 8 and continue to use their still fully functioning Olympus hardware. You will need to purchase an ODMS licence key (AS-7001 for the dictation module and AS-7002 for the transcription module). Installing ODMS should keep your existing workflow and Author settings.

Changes three and four above relate to the growing synergy between the Olympus professional dictation machines and Nuance’s Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 Professional voice-to-text software. Not mentioned in the official Olympus change log for ODMS release R.6.2. but rumoured on various voice related blogs is that ODMS only supports the Legal and Professional versions of DNS 12. I have yet to confirm this, my understanding was that both DNS 12 Premium and Pro function with ODMS, I will check into this. I only have DNS 12 Pro installed on my PC’s so can’t easily test.

Small changes, five and six, relate to tweaks in the software that affect some basic functions of the recorder. In this release extra timers have been added for the lighting time and more dictation file options can be changed via the job data editing function.

Olympus ODMS support the Czech language in R6.2.0For those who are more comfortable communicating in West Slavic, the language of the Czech Republic this release is for you, with your language added to the list of languages supported by ODMS and the Olympus Professional digital dictaphones.

More compatibility with the fast growing virtual and thin client world of Citrix with XenDesktop 5.6 now supported.

Finally the last point, ODMS has been compatible with Dragon NaturallySpeaking v11/v11.5 since the initial R6.0.0 release. This announcement further cements the Olympus/Nuance relationship and formalises the version of Dragon which should be used with ODMS, v12/v12.5 Legal and Professional only. This update irons out many earlier bugs with communication between the two software packages.

You can update your Olympus ODMS dictation and/or transcription module in the usual way by selecting Help -> Check For Updates from within your preferred module which should initiate the fairly large (400+Mb) update to your ODMS software. If this isn’t working for you please leave a comment and we will send you a link to download the update.

4 thoughts on “[Windows] Olympus Release ODMS Update R6.2.0 for Dictation and Transcription Module”

  1. We cannot update directly from the Olympus software because our firewalls and security settings does not permit these type of downloads. Could you please provide a link so we can download the update to R6.2.

  2. Hello Ann

    I will email you directly a link for the download. Also, we are located in Gosford so local to you.



  3. I am unable to install this for a client.
    We rebuilt their machine and they previously had ‘dss player pro’.
    The keep getting told their license Id is not correct.

  4. Hello Gianni

    If you had DSS Player Pro which is release 5 of the Olympus software you will need to download that version from here dictat.es/r5

    Looks like you may have downloaded the latest version release 6 called ODMS.

    Hope that helps.


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