Olympus ODMS R7.4.2 Release – Windows 11 Compatible

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Free Upgrade to ODMS R7.4.2 For R7 Users – Dictation and Transcription Module

Olympus has just released a free upgrade to their Olympus Dictation Management System (ODMS) R7 Windows software for both Dictation and Transcription Module. The update includes a specification change, some bug fixes and more importantly official compatibility with Windows 11 and the latest version of Microsoft Office.

ODMS R7 Dictation Transcription Module Windows 11 Compatible Supported

Free Download ODMS R7:

  • You can always download the latest Olympus ODMS R7 installers via this link dictat.es/r7

Other Information:

  • Windows 11 and Windows Server2022 are now both supported.
  • ODMS Downloader Tool for Philips DPM recorders has been added to Standalone and Workgroup Launcher.
  • Office 2021 is now supported.
  • Azure Virtual Desktop is now supported.

Specification Changes:

  • Playback speed control can now be adjusted in 10% increments.
    The adjustment range is as follows;
    Slow playback:50% (min), 60%, 70%, 80%, 90%
    Fast playback:110%, 120%, 130%, 140%, 150%, 160%, 170%, 180%, 190%, 200% (max)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the issue that the automatic voice recognition after downloading files may not be registered in the voice recognition queue.
  • Fixed the issue that if you start a video conference recording when the cursor is pointing at a file with comments in the list view, that comment will be copied to the next new recording.
  • Fixed the issue with the conference recording function that the previously selected microphone or speaker may change since the settings are not memorised in the software.

If you are running an older version of the Olympus Dictation/Transcription Module software on Windows, either version ODMS R6 or DSS Player R5 then you can purchase an upgrade to the latest version ODMS R7. Upgrades are:

  • Upgrade from DSS Player Pro R5 or ODMS R6 Dictation Module (DM) to ODMS R7 – you need Olympus AS-9003
  • Upgrade from DSS Player Pro R5 or ODMS R6 Transcription Module (TM) to ODMS R7 – you need Olympus AS-9004

If you already have ODMS R7 Dictation or Transcription Module installed, the upgrade to R7.4.2 is free.

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