What is Philips SpeechExec Transcribe Pro v11 Software?

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SpeechExec Pro Transcribe v12 is now available. Want to try the software free for 30 days? Click here for information.


Philips SpeechExec Transcribe v11 for Windows 11 & 10

Philips SpeechExec Transcribe Pro v11Philips Dictation Australia via their Speech brand continues to move forward in its drive toward enabling authors and typists to work autonomously and from anywhere. Having fully embraced the cloud as the infrastructure behind their dictation, speech-to-text and transcription workflow Speechlive software, traditional transcription typists can also benefit from their locally installed Windows 11 (and 10) compatible transcription typing software called Buy Philips SpeechExec Transcribe Pro v11 Licence

What does the Philips SpeechExec Transcribe software help you do?

Philips SpeechExec Transcribe Pro v11 (part number LFH4512) … rolls off the tongue doesn’t it … is transcription typing software. It is used by transcription typists to receive digital dictation audio files and while listening to the audio lets them type what they hear. The software has audio playback controls that let the transcriptionist speed up/slow down/rewind slightly the audio while they listen and type. The audio can be adjusted by the typist either using hotkeys (typically pre-configured F keys on the keyboard) or more commonly using a transcription typing foot pedal control switch which allows the typist to use their foot to tap pedals and control the audio playback.

Just need a transcription typing pedal?

Philips ACC2330 Transcription Typing Foot Pedal SwitchThe Philips ACC2330 Transcription Typing Foot Switch Pedal is the recommended foot control switch for Philips SpeechExec Transcribe.

The ACC2330 is a USB connected pedal with four configurable switches.

Want a pedal and a transcription typing headset?

Philips LFH5220 Transcription Typing Hardware KitThe Philips ACC2330 transcription typing pedal can also be purchased along with a specialised transcription typing headset (Philips LFH0334) and headset USB connector (Philips LFH9034) in a kit called the Philips Transcription Typing Hardware Kit – Part LFH5220

Need everything to be set up as a professional transcription typist?

Philips Transcription Kit LFH7277Finally, you can buy everything you need to be a professional transcription typist in a ready to go kit.

The Philips Transcription Kit includes everything you need; the Philips SpeechExec Transcribe licence key LFH4512 valid for two years from activation, the Philips ACC2330 transcription typing pedal and a transcriptionist headset LFH0334, you can see the kit here ->  Philips Transcription Kit – LFH7277


What is the Philips SpeechExec Transcribe Licence Model?

The Philips SpeechExec Transcribe licence is a subscription licence. Before you roll your eyes and go “not another subscription” remember this is a key business expense and essential if you are a professional transcription typist. Just as essential as your Windows operating system, your Word processor, your email etc. The subscription lasts for two years and during that term you will get any and all feature and bug updates as and when they are released by Philips, you will always be entitled to the latest version.

Install and use Philips SpeechExec Transcribe Pro v11 FREE for 30 days on a trial.

Install SpeechExec Transcribe on as many PC’s as you like !

The best bit about this licence model, you can install and use the SpeechExec Transcribe on as many PC’s as you like, making work from home a breeze. When you install the software with the two year licence key you will need to sign up for a free Philips Speech ID. It is how Philips link the licence to you and will allow you to login and use SpeechExec Transcribe on the PC that you are currently working on, be that the office, at home, on holiday or wherever you are.

What audio formats can be played by Philips SpeechExec Transcribe?

As you would expect SpeechExec Transcribe covers the open format audio file formats, .wma.wav – .mp3 but also the specialised digital dictation audio formats like the older .dss (Digital Speech Sound) and newer .ds2 (Digital Speech Sound Pro) format which can have individual file encryption. This is why the .ds2 audio format is preferred by legal and medical authors as their dictation is usually confidential.

If you are a typist just starting out and have been using the free (but no support, constant ads, bloatware) Express Scribe software then it is time to get serious about your job. Express Scribe can not play .ds2 audio files and can also not decrypt encrypted .ds2 audio files. Why not? Because the .ds2 audio format is owned by Philips, Olympus and Grundig. If you plan to transcribe for lawyers, barristers, doctors, surgeons or anyone in the legal or medical field you will need software that can play .ds2 audio files.

Need the tech specs for SpeechExec Transcribe? You can find them on the Philips Dictation Australia website.

Can I Use SpeechExec Transcribe instead of the Web Player in Speechlive?

Yes you can. Speechlive is Philips cloud dictation and transcription workflow solution, it is fast becoming Australia’s (and the rest of the world) leading digital voice solution. Transcription typists can transcribe audio using the Speechlive web player, essentially just playing the audio via a browser. If you are used to locally installed Transcription software you may prefer SpeechExec Transcribe instead of the web player. SpeechExec Transcribe can be linked to your Speechlive typist account, when you install SpeechExec Transcribe just select the Speechlive option:

Activate Philips SpeechExec Transcribe using Speechlive account

Note, there is a cost for using SpeechExec Transcribe with Speechlive which is cheaper than just a standalone SpeechExec Transcribe two year licence. Contact your Philips Dictation Australia Dealer to enable this in your Speechlive account.

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