Which Pro Dictation App Has The X Factor – Olympus or Philips

Olympus ODDS iPhone - Philips SpeechLive iPhone

Mobile dictation has been a rapidly growing space over the last couple of years. The ability to dictate at court, on hospital visits or just from home without the hassle of attaching devices to computers and installing expensive additional software just get your audio to your typist all while using a device (smartphone) then generally never … read more

Express Scribe (Windows) Now Supports .ds2 File Format From v5.30

2016 UPDATE .. Well this blog post from 2011 was very short lived and ds2 support in the 5.32 release of Express Scribe turned out to be false. Express Scribe does NOT support the .ds2 Audio Format NCH Software recently outed a new release of the worlds most popular free transcription software for Windows, Express … read more

Olympus Revise Down Pricing On Some Of Their Most Popular Digital Notetakers

Olympus Imaging yesterday revised the price on a number of their hugely popular digital notetakers (used mainly for voice notes, interviews, meetings, conferences, lectures etc.) in a downward direction. Last year we had a flood of downward price movements after the middle man, Nationwide Dictating, was removed and Olympus Imaging took over Australian distribution of the voice products.

read moreOlympus Revise Down Pricing On Some Of Their Most Popular Digital Notetakers

Cheap But Not Nasty – The Best Budget Digital Voice Recorders

On a budget, short of cash, funds a bit low, boss won’t spend big on technology? Then do Philips and Olympus Voice have a cheap digital voice recorder for you. The range of digital voice recorders on offer from the two big boys, Olympus & Philips, can be a little bewildering to the average person. … read more

Dictate Australia eBay Store Open For Business

Want a good quality digital voice recorder for a budget price? Check out our new Dictate Australia eBay Store where we will be listing our ex-demo, surplus stock and discontinued voice recorders and accessories. Here in the office we have quite a few recorders that have only been used for evaluation and testing purposes and … read more

Philips Voice Australia Now Offering 2 Year Warranty

Philips Dictation in Australia have just updated their website to allow online registering of certain Philips recorders giving the end user an extra year of warranty for free.  All Philips voice equipment comes with a 1 year warranty as standard, by registering your purchase that will be extended by Philips to two years, so well … read more

A Little Gem From Philips Dictation Australia – 2370 Media Player Typing Set

In a recent press release from Philips Dictation Australia yet another innovative product has been added to their product line. This one though is a little different to the norm, this really is something different and something that I am sure will be very popular is the LFH2370 Philips Media Player Typing Set. The innovation … read more

I Will Have Whatever Olympus Voice & Philips Dictation Are Drinking

So, this year has been a big one for Olympus voice with a revamp of all their digital recorder range. Not content with being left behind Philips had a go back in April when they rolled out, finally, Mac compatible note takers with the DVT (Digital Voice Tracer) range comprising of the 660/860/880 models. This … read more