Olympus Release DSS Player Pro version R5.0.12

Olympus have just bumped DSS Player Pro for Windows from version R5.0.11 to R.5.0.12 – grab your copy now by selecting Help -> Check For Updates -> Dictation Module from your DSS Player Pro software (or transcription module if you are using that).

This seems to be a minor bug fix release with the following issues addressed:

System Focus on Notification

The notify dialogue box was causing some angst while transcribing as when it popped up it took focus away from the document being transcribed and interupt the typists flow. In this release focus is not taken away to the pop up dialogue box.

Do Not Display The Main Windows – Dictation Module / Workflow

When this option is selected in this release Device Detector 4 will launch the Dictation Module on device connection.

System Admins Can Now Show/Hide Options In Dictation / Transcription Module

Administrators can now choose to show/hide options in both the dictation module or transcription module. This is a very handy feature as it should take away from the user the ability to “play” with some of their settings which may cause issues with their normal way of working.

Click Here To Download The Full R5.0.12 Release Notes In PDF Format

All the full change details can be found in the official Olympus release notes and are shown below in full:



  1. 1. System focus on Notification dialogWhen the Notification Dialog popped up the system forcibly focused on this.
    This was causing issues when Transcribing as the system focus was being taken away from word processing programs and would interrupt the transcriptionist.
    In R5.0.12, the dialog no longer takes focus. In addition, the dialog will now appear in the corner of the screen.


  2. 2. When the “Do not display the main window” option is selected in [Workflow] on your Dictation Module, the Device Detector 4 will now forcibly launch the Dictation Module when a device is connected.
    The reason for this is because any files on connected devices will not be downloaded unless Dictation Module is launched.


  3. 3. In the System Configuration Program, administrators are now able to change the show/hide some options from users in the Dictation / Transcription Modules.
    For example: When an administrator hides [Workflow] option from System Configuration Program, the user will no longer be able see all options in [Workflow] window within Dictation / Transcription Module.



When DSS Player Pro is installed to a client via an Active Directory, etc., in silent mode, make sure to install .NET Framework 2.0 stored in the Redist folder before installing DSS Player Pro.
Please copy LICENSE.DAT to the distributed package when silent installation occurs.
For obtaining the LICENSE.DAT, please contact your dealer or distributor.

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