How do I run the Desktop App for ODMS Cloud on Windows or Mac?

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OM System (Olympus) recently released a fully cloud-based dictation and transcription workflow solution called ODMS Cloud. We mentioned this in a previous post when Olympus rebranded to OM System. The ODMS Cloud Desktop app is a free Windows and macOS application that is used by both authors (to play back their audio in the cloud) or transcriptionist typists (this is the only way to transcribe ODMS Cloud dictation audio).

OM System ODMS Cloud logo

The ODMS Cloud Desktop App installer can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store for Windows, macOS (Intel or Apple Silicon) from the link as the beginning in this sentence.

To use the ODMS Cloud system a dictation author requires:

To use the ODMS Cloud system a transcriptionist typists requires:

  • An ODMS Cloud licence that is assigned to the user via an admin portal as a Transcriptionist role
  • A compatible transcription typing pedal, no hotkeys are available. Transcription typists also require an ODMS Cloud licence to access the audio from the author(s).

ODMS Cloud Desktop app for both Windows 11 and macOS

Whether you work on a Mac or Windows PC, and with ODMS Cloud you can work on either or both if you have an ODMS Cloud licence, the way that the ODMS Cloud Desktop App is run is a little odd.

How to run the ODMS Cloud Desktop App on my PC or Mac

The app itself is kicked off when you log in to the ODMS Cloud web portal – – you don’t run it as you would a normally installed Windows or Mac app. You will know when it is running as you will see the ODMS Cloud icon in the desktop menu bar on a Mac or hidden away in the bottom right-hand corner of your desktop:

How to see if the ODMS Cloud desktop app is running on Windows or Mac
ODMS Cloud Desktop app running on Windows and Mac

This can be especially confusing for typists as typically they are used to running a locally installed transcription application. Once logged into the ODMS Cloud portal you can process your audio by clicking on the light blue Playback hyperlink under the file you want to transcribe. This will initiate the connection to the audio and the transcription mini player will appear. You will notice on initial use multiple pop-ups for your confirmation of opening the Desktop app by the ODMS Cloud website, you can reduce these by ticking the Always allow boxes in the dialogue.

Here are the typical views that a new typist to the ODMS Cloud would see once they have the ODMS Cloud Desktop app installed on their PC or Mac and log in to the ODMS Cloud portal:

1. This confirms that the desktop app is installed and can be seen by the web portal login, we recommend you tick the Always allow box …

The link between the ODMS Cloud web portal login and locally installed ODMS Cloud Desktop app for Windows and Mac
Logging in to ODMS Cloud web portal recognises that you have the Desktop installed

2. This is the blue Playback hyperlink you would choose for the audio file you want to transcribe … again confirmation that you want to open this file in the local ODMS Cloud Desktop app

How to transcribe and audio dictation in the ODMS Cloud
The Transcription Typist selects Playback to initiate the ODMS Desktop app

3. Just to be safe, and also a little annoying, one final confirmation, again tick the Allow always box to reduce this popup spam

Open the ODMS Desktop app when audio file Playback is selected

4. Playback mini player is shown and audio can be played

ODMS Cloud Desktop App audio mini player for Windows and Mac
ODMS Cloud Desktop App Mini Player – Windows & Mac


For any help or advice on the ODMS Cloud solution from OM System (Olympus) please contact Dictate Australia

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