OM System Starts Migration of Olympus ODDS Users to ODMS Cloud

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ODMS Cloud is live – what now for those transitioning from Olympus ODDS?

April 2024 and the transition from the Olympus ODDS to the OM System ODMS Cloud has begun for existing Olympus Dictation App users.

What is with all the acronyms?

  • Olympus has re-branded and are now called OM System for audio products
  • ODDS was Olympus Dictation Delivery Service
  • ODMS is OM System Dictation Management System
  • ODMS Cloud replaces ODDS
  • OM System ODMS Cloud app replaces the Olympus Dictation app
  • Download the ODMS Cloud Reference Manual (142 pages)

What has changed with the new ODMS Cloud vs ODDS?

  • New portal for licence allocation, requests and licence configuration –
  • Licences can be purchased in advance and stored until required
  • * No more email/FTP/OneDrive file transfer – audio can only be uploaded to the cloud from authors and transcribed from the cloud by typists
  • Pricing remains the same for ODMS Cloud as for ODDS – $199 incl. GST for one year. Licences now have roles allocated in the portal – typist or author
  • Authors can switch from the old Olympus Dictation App to the new OM System ODMS Cloud Dictation app now

New ODMS Cloud portal for licence allocation, requests and licence configuration

Existing Olympus ODDS customers have had their accounts moved to the new ODMS Cloud portal. The Olympus ODDS portal was and admins required an Account ID and password to login.

**NOTE** If you already Administer an ODDS account (i.e. you can log in to you can now login to the ODMS Cloud portal and view your transitioned licences.

The OM System ODMS Cloud portal for admins is and admins now log in using their email address and password, not Account ID. Two-factor authentication is enabled and you will receive a code via email to verify and complete the login process. You should be able to log in using your ODDS portal password and your admin email. If you do not remember the ODDS portal password request a password reset when trying to log in.

**ACTION** Please enable dealer management as soon as you log in to the new ODMS Cloud portal, this will allow Dictate Australia to help you manage your licences and better answer any licence-related questions. Enable this via the Account tab in the ODMS Cloud portal by ticking Dealer Management and saving the change:

ODMS Cloud portal enable allow dealer management Dictate Australia

Licences can be purchased in advance and stored until required

Unlike ODDS where licences needed to be flagged a month before expiry and invoices received for flagged licences throughout year, with ODMS Cloud you can pre-purchase licences that will be auto-allocated (if you select this option for your individual licences) to your authors and typists on expiry. This allows you to order enough licences for the year in one transaction. Licences can be removed from users (e.g. if they leave) and are stored in your licence pool along with the licence’s remaining days ready to be allocated to other users. ODMS Cloud licences remain the same price as old ODDS licences.

At any point in time, you will be able to see your licences and how they are stored, allocated and if any are coming up for renewal.

ODMS Cloud Subscription tab showing licence counts and allocations Dictate Australia


No more email/FTP/OneDrive file transfer in ODMS Cloud

This is the biggest change from ODDS to ODMS Cloud and the one that will have the biggest impact. Using the ODMS Cloud Dictation App (the replacement for the Olympus Dictation App) audio is only transferred from author to typist in the cloud. That means that for authors nothing much really changes, they dictate as usual and send to server and their job is done while they wait for the transcription. Typists must have an ODMS Cloud typist licence. What does that mean?

If you use in-house typists who use the ODMS R7 Transcription Module installed on their PC they will no longer be able to use that to transcribe audio from ODMS Cloud created by the ODMS Dictation app. They will need an ODMS Cloud typist role licence, they will need to be associated with authors via workflow in the ODMS Cloud portal and they will need the free ODMS Cloud Windows Desktop app (from the Microsoft Store) or the ODMS Cloud Mac Desktop app which can be downloaded from here.

Note that the RS-31H pedal (which most Olympus typists will have already) and the new OM System RS-31N pedal are both compatible with ODMS Cloud for Transcription typists. This also means that transcription typists can work from anywhere on any internet-connected Mac or PC using their pedal.

But, if you use an outsourced transcription service either via FTP or email you will need to have a difficult conversation with them. As at the time of writing, we don’t see any way to download the audio from the ODMS Cloud other than by using the OM System ODMS Cloud transcription licence (with the ODMS Cloud desktop app for macOS and Windows). This means typists at your outsourcer will need one or more typists’ licences.

Pricing remains the same for ODMS Cloud licences as for ODDS licences

The good news is the price remains the same moving from the old ODDS system to the new. An ODMS Cloud licence for an author or typist will be $199 incl. GST for one year. As mentioned above these licences can be purchased in advance and sit in your licence pool ready to be allocated, either automatically or manually via the portal. As an admin in the ODMS Cloud portal you will not need a licence unless you also act as an author or typist.

Licences you had in the old ODDS system have been migrated to ODMS Cloud so you will not need to re-buy any licences but instead look at purchasing some for your licence pool to cover any up-and-coming licences expiring.

Authors can switch from the old Olympus Dictation App to the new OM System ODMS Cloud app now … but !

Olympus Dictation App using ODDS is migrating to the new OM System ODMS Dictation app for iOS and Android
Olympus Dictation App replaced by OM System ODMS Cloud Dictation App

As all ODDS licences have been migrated to the new ODMS Cloud portal your authors can swap to the new ODMS Cloud app. But before they do this you must have a typist or typist licence allocated in the portal and must have linked your authors to typists or typist groups. If an author is not linked to typists or typist groups their audio will be uploaded and will go unassigned. The authors will be able to see when their transcription is in progress and is finished in both the ODMS Cloud app and when logged into the ODMS Cloud portal. The transitioned licences from ODDS will look like below in ODMS Cloud, notice how no Transcription Group or typist is allocated and the email is already verified (right column):

ODMS Cloud list of transitioned ODDS licences - dictate australia
List of transitioned ODDS licences – no Transcription Group & email auto-verified

Before an author can sign into their ODMS Cloud app using their email they must first set a password. This can be done via the ODMS Cloud portal – – by selecting to first sign in then selecting forgot password where they will be prompted for their email address. The author should then click Send verification code and they will be instructed via email of the code and how to set their password. Once set users can login to both the portal and the ODMS Cloud app using these credentials.

ODMS Cloud portal author typist forgotten password dictate australia
Use Forgot Password to reset the password linked to your email address


The above is a lot to take in, especially if like most, you have been using the Olympus ODDS system for a few years. Please leave any comments/questions on this post or contact us at

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