Olympus Rebrand Audio to OM System – New ODMS Cloud & DS-9100

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Olympus Australia has completed their rebrand and is now called OM System. With the new name comes new hardware, new software and a revamp/rename of the popular Olympus Dictation app for iOS and Android.

What’s New?

OM System DS-9100

Like the older Olympus DS-9000 comes in both kit (with a cradle) or recorder-only options. The same great dictation experience with smooth slider switch, crisp and clean audio (perfect for whatever speech-to-text you are using) and all the features you would expect in a professional digital dictaphone. The biggest change is the software, no more locally installed licenced software, now you get an ODMS Cloud licence with the OM System DS-9100.

You will still need to install some software, it’s free and doesn’t need a licence, to allow the DS-9100 to communicate with the cloud. The software can be installed on macOS or Windows and is called ODMS Cloud Desktop app, available in the Microsoft Store.

For security-conscious customers in Australia, the DS-9100 will still create encrypted .ds2 audio files and they will be stored in country in Australia.

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