How to: Workflows, Worktypes & Templates for ODMS Cloud Administrators

ODMS Cloud How to set Workflows Worktypes for Administrators

Use ODMS Cloud to Optimise Your Dictation & Transcription Workflows Efficient workflow management is essential for productivity. The OM System (Olympus) ODMS Cloud solution offers a scalable platform to streamline mobile digital dictation and transcription processes. Here’s how it works: Customised Workflows and Routing Rules ODMS Cloud allows office and practice managers to create workflows … read more

Philips Speechlive Speech-to-Text vs Dragon Anywhere DPA & DLA

Image of Philips Speechlive speech-to-text versus Dragon Anywhere Professional and Legal DPA DLA

Philips Speechlive vs Dragon In the blue corner we have Philips Speechlive with their Speech-to-Text. And in the Red corner we have Dragon Anywhere, Professional and Legal … Ok this post is not about which is best, they are both excellent at what they do. The post is more about which solution Philips Speechlive with … read more

Watch ODMS Cloud in action – Dictation & Transcription Workflow from OM System

A look at how the ODMS Cloud system works from audio record and upload from the mobile app to transcription with ODMS Desktop on Windows and Mac

ODMS Cloud Australia The new dictation and transcription cloud solution from OM System (the new name for Olympus audio) has been live since April 2024 as we wrote in an earlier blog post. At Dictate Australia we have migrated many ODDS (Olympus Dictation Delivery Service) users and added many new users to the cloud solution. … read more

How To Install ODMS R8 Dictation or Transcription Module in Trial Mode

How to install OM System Olympus ODMS R8 Windows software free for 30 days

OM System, the new name for Olympus Audio, ODMS R8 was released in April 2024 simultaneously with the release of the latest OM Branded professional digital dictation dictaphone the OM System DS-2700 digital dictaphone with ODMS R8 and OM System AS-2700 transcription kit with ODMS R8. Back in 2018 when Olympus released ODMS R7 we … read more

Olympus DS-9000 & DS-9500 Dictaphones Discontinued – New OM System Models

The popular Olympus DS-9000 and DS-9500 digital dictaphones are becoming scarce with Olympus Australia already running out of the DS-9000 kits with no more coming. DS-9000 BYO (bring your own) dock and DS-9500 will run out soon. The Olympus DS-9000/DS-9500 which have been around since August 2018 are replaced by the OM System branded DS-9100 … read more

How do I run the Desktop App for ODMS Cloud on Windows or Mac?

OM System (Olympus) recently released a fully cloud-based dictation and transcription workflow solution called ODMS Cloud. We mentioned this in a previous post when Olympus rebranded to OM System. The ODMS Cloud Desktop app is a free Windows and macOS application that is used by both authors (to play back their audio in the cloud) … read more

OM System Starts Migration of Olympus ODDS Users to ODMS Cloud

Olympus Dictation App replaced by OM System ODMS Cloud Dictation App

ODMS Cloud is live – what now for those transitioning from Olympus ODDS? April 2024 and the transition from the Olympus ODDS to the OM System ODMS Cloud has begun for existing Olympus Dictation App users. What is with all the acronyms? Olympus has re-branded and are now called OM System for audio products ODDS was … read more