[Windows] Olympus ODMS Free Update To R6.1.0 Available – Dictation & Transcription Module

Olympus ODMS R6.1.0 Update for Dictation and Transcription Module on Windows

Olympus have just (2nd November 2012) released the first update to their new ODMS (Olympus Dictation Management System) taking it up to release R6.1.0 – anyone with ODMS R6 dictation or transcription module installed on their Windows PC is eligible for this free upgrade. ODMS R6 comes with the Olympus DS-7000 and DS-3500 professional digital dictaphones and with the AS-7000 professional digital transcription kit.

Windows 8 is now supported for all you early adopters with this update but the biggest feature to be added I think is the notification back to the dictator via the dictation module that transcription is complete, many will find this useful especially for those waiting on urgent transcripts.

Also fixed is an issue for which we had received quite a number of calls from transcription typists using the ODMS R6 transcription module software who were unable to hear any dictation through their headphones being played back in the ODMS software. Audio from other sources like YouTube could be heard fine, although Olympus Imaging Australia had a patch to resolve this issue that patch has now been rolled into this update. If you are having audio issues with your transcription kit please make sure you have this update installed.

The complete list of features and fixes in ODMS R6.1.0 is:


  1. Windows 8 is supported. The following editions are supported. – Windows 8
    – Windows 8 Pro
    – Windows 8 Enterprise Note:
    – Windows 8 Modern UI is not supported.
    – Windows 8 RT is not supported.
  2. Office 2010 64Bit Edition is supported.
  3. Citrix XenApp Web interface function is supported.
  4. The following virtual environments are supported. – VMware View 4.6/5.0
    – Citrix Receiver 3.x (with Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop)
  5. Added function to notify that transcription is finished to Dictation Module.
  6. Added file search function to the Dictation Module/Transcription Module. 6.1 Pressing the following keys opens a file search dialog if the focus is on the file list in the main screen.
    – Dictation Module: [Ctrl]+[F]
    – Transcription Module: [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[F] 6.2 Incremental search is supported if text is entered using the keyboard when the focus is on the file list in the main screen.
  7. Added option to delete all internal data when uninstalling Dictation Module/Transcription Module. Once it is deleted, application settings before the uninstallation are not inherited even if you install the uninstalled application again.
  8. Specifying both Author ID and Worktype ID for conditions in Auto Collection function is supported.
  9. Enabling and disabling sub-folders in the Download Folder and Custom Folder are supported.
  10. Changed the behavior of [INSERT] LED when recording directly with Dictation Module using the Olympus Directrec (DR-1200/2100/2200/2300). The [INSERT] LED blinks while recording is stopped if the recording mode is in the insert mode.
    The [INSERT] LED does not blink while recording is stopped if the recording mode is in the overwrite mode.
  11. Enhanced the voice recognition function. 11.1 Selecting files for the background voice recognition is supported.
    11.2 Specifying the target Author ID for the background voice recognition and adaptation in the Dictation Module is supported. Now it is not required to match the profile name of Dragon NaturallySpeaking with the Author ID of the dictation file.
    11.3 Several ODMS R6.0 issues were resolved.

Those of you still running DSS Player Pro v5 dictation and transcription module software there is an upgrade available to take you from R5 to ODMS R6. This is a relatively cheap upgrade and will give you access to a number or new features. These features include much better integration with Dragon, support for the RS-31 USB foot pedal and 256-bit encryption/decryption of audio files. ODMS R6 is fully compatible with Olympus’ older digital dictaphones like the DS-5000 and DS-3400. If you want to upgrade from R5 then look for these part numbers:

  • Olympus AS-7003 Dictation Module Upgrade from DSS Player Pro R5 to ODMS R6
  • Olympus AS-7004 Transcription Module Upgrade from DSS Player Pro R5 to ODMS R6

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