[FIXED] OS X 10.13 High Sierra Update Breaks Olympus DSS Player Plus for Mac Software

FIXED 9th SEPTEMBER 2017 - DSS Player Plus v7.5.4 - Download here http://dictat.es/dss754

If you, like me, are keen to get your hands on the latest and greatest Mac operating system, OS X 10.13 a.k.a. High Sierra then hold your horses, especially if you use the Olympus DSS Player Plus for Mac software for transcription or to listen to your .ds2 audio files.

After my upgrade from Sierra 10.12 to OS X 10.13 when I ran DSS Player Plus v7 (v7.5.3) for Mac I was prompted for my serial number:

DSS Player Plus for Mac OSX 10.13 Issue Problem Error


This was immediately odd as this was entered long ago when the software was first installed but I played along and entered my license key, in fact I entered several serial numbers that I have, all with the same result “The license number you have entered is incorrect. Please confirm your license number.“:

The license number you have entered is incorrect. Please confirm your license number.


Looks like a compatibility issue with Olympus DSS Player Plus v7 and Apple’s latest OS X 10.13 – our advice is to hold off updating until this is resolved. We have notified Olympus and will update this post with news as and when we get it.

13 thoughts on “[FIXED] OS X 10.13 High Sierra Update Breaks Olympus DSS Player Plus for Mac Software”

  1. Hello Edwin

    No news as yet but Olympus have confirmed to me that it is now a known issue. All they had to do was read my blog to see that 🙂 As soon as a fix is available I will update this post. Unfortunately, it shows again the lack of love for the Mac platform from Olympus, when OSX 10.12 was released it also broke DSS Player Plus for a few weeks.



  2. Hello Carole

    I am glad we could be of help. Please keep an eye on our blog, as soon as we hear of a fix we will post the details.



  3. Olympus just confirmed me that the new Update (i guess 7.5.4) will be compatible with OS X 10.13

    Relase will be at the beginning of November but with no specific date.

  4. Hello Samuel

    No still nothing I am afraid. We are still hearing early November although we are close to being out of ‘early’ any day now. Checking with Julian from VoicePoint over in Europe (see earlier comment) they too have had no confirmed dates as yet.

    Hang in there Samuel.



  5. Hi guys,
    Just to say thanks for this fix!
    I was in the middle of a huge commission (in darkest Europa) when I updated to Sierra and lost DSS functionality. Of course, I was avoiding getting down to the tough stuff at the time…
    Your fix saved my bacon. Pls keep talking to Olympus — I really appreciate their ease of use and wld be lost without my WS-853, the ever trusty TP-8 telephone mic and a DSS player which works.


    The Netherlands

  6. November 18 2017 …screwed myself by upgrading toos high sierra…need my reports guess I will have to reinstall the th previous operatiing systm…olympus please get going!!!

  7. Hello David

    This is fixed, Olympus released v7.5.4 which is MacOS 10.13 High Sierra compatible. Link at the top of the blog post.


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