So Far So Good … Olympus ODMS R6 and Windows 10

**Update April 2017** If you are using ODMS, either dictation or transcription module, on Windows 10 and/or with Microsoft Office 365 please apply the latest free patch from Olympus – details in this blog Olympus ODMS Patch0016

With the launch of Windows 10 worldwide on July 29th, 2015 and the subsequent slow rollout to those who had reserved their copy, we have finally received our update from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 today. The upgrade itself was fairly quick, taking around 15 minutes and one reboot. Of course the first thing we did was check Olympus ODMS, both dictation module and transcription module and initial tests are good, no obvious compatibility issues.

Olympus ODMS dictation transcription module with Windows 10

We approached Olympus for official confirmation of Windows 10 compatibility with Olympus Dictation Management System (ODMS) and as yet there is none, but we can be assured that a) the Olympus techs are hard at work testing every little detail of ODMS and Windows 10 and b) as soon as we hear about it we will tell you.

Have you upgraded to Windows 10? How are you finding it? Leave us a comment or tweet us @dictates #Dictate

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  1. I have recently upgraded to Windows 10. I find that my ODMS Dictation software has no sound. That is, I cannot hear the file being played back. Has anyone else had this problem?

  2. Hello John

    This issue come up a lot even pre Windows 10. It is usually an issue or setting with the PC sound card, not an issue with the ODMS software. When you play back audio in ODMS do you see the sound level bars moving? Usually they will be moving but no sound. Just double check your audio output settings and also ensure that you can hear sound from other sources via your headset (just spin up a YouTube video to test).


  3. we have just upgraded a workstation to windows 10 and after the update ODMS 6.2.0 crashes after about 20 seconds

    with a Dictation module has stopped working error and closes

    We have updated to the latest version 6.4 and patch 008 and the result is the same can anyone assist please ?


  4. Hello

    You need R6.4.0 which I see you have upgraded to. You may need to fully remove all remnants of 6.2.0 by uninstalling and then re-installing 6.4.0 – there is also a “clean” tool available to tidy up the registry entries. If you are still having issues please let us know and we can communicate with Olympus for you. We have had no clients with issues on Windows 10 and R6.4.0 yet.

    Hope that helps.


  5. i have a DS-330 voice recorder.

    I have a new PC with Windows 10 Pro 64 bit.

    My previous PC was running Vista. I originally had DSS Player 2002 installed, which then went through a couple of upgrades to Version 7.4.1 (Module 3).

    I can’t install any newer upgrades under windows 10 as I don’t know if it is safe to install from my original CD with 2002 on it. I’m not sure where to find any suitable upgrades either.

    Is there any way I can get up and running under “windows10” or do I have to get a new recorder?

  6. Hello

    You would need to update your software i’m afraid to be able to playback the .dss audio files created by the recorder. Your best option would be ODMS Dictation Module which is Olympus part number AS-7001 which will allow you to listen to the .dss files you have created and to send them via email or drop onto a network share or FTP.

    If however you do not need to listen to your recordings on your PC but just need to send them to a typist then no software is required. Just USB connect the recorder and use Windows Explorer to browse the connected USB drive and drag/drop the .dss auto into an email and send.

    I hope that helps.


  7. Hi Dave
    Thanks for your reply and advice.
    If I send the .dss files to a typist won’t they require the software to listen to them?

  8. Hello

    Yes they will. The Olympus software on Windows to transcribe is different to the software that comes with the pro dictaphones. To transcribe they will need the ODMS Transcription Module (supplied in the AS-7000 pro transcription kit). The person with the recorder has the Dictation Module which just allows dss and ds2 playback and automation around sending audio files.

    Hope that helps.


  9. we are so frustretd. Bought a DS 7000 and installed the 6.3.1 sofware which came with the recorder, Its not wroking. We have windows 10 and the company doesnt reply to our emails

  10. Hello T

    The version of software you are using (v6.3.1) is an older version of the ODMS software and prior to the Windows 10 compatibility release. You should upgrade your software, which is free with the licence you hold, to version 6.4

    You can download the latest version (6.4) of the Olympus ODMS software from here:

    You can also approach Olympus directly in your part of the world for assistance if your dealer is non responsive. However all Olympus Professional Audio resellers are well trained in both customer service and support so please also check that the company you bough your DS-7000 from is an official dealer. Regardless, people like us will help you.

    Please let me know how you go with the upgrade. You must have your ODMS licence key handy, your licence key will start with the letters RD6xx.


  11. Dave thankyou for sending me the 6.4 link which I have downloaded. I have also upgraded the firmware on my DS 7000. I am now able to transfer the dictation to the module but I am still having problems sending the dictations out via email. Any suggestions please.

    Thanks again!

  12. Is there any issue that you know of between ODMS Transcription Module and Office 365? My office products keep “Not responding” when this software is loaded on my computer. I have done a soft reset and a factory reset on my laptop. Office works fine before ODMS is loaded.

  13. Hello Gang,

    We are operating on an older version of ODMS (, have been for a while. We recently retired our medical records manager and needed to migrate our dictation upload ability to the new employee. Our IT department copied over the old software to the new WIN 10 profile and we cannot get the DS-5000 to upload the files now. I am contemplating having them install the new software version (downloaded from the Olympus website), I assume our old RD License# will work (??) and try that.
    Thank you!

  14. Hello Clark

    The version you have R5.0.14 was called DSS Player Pro and was replaced by version 6 of the software which also changed its name to ODMS. R5 is discontinued, no longer supported and as you have found not Windows 10 compatible. Having said that, I do know some users have installed R5 on Windows 10 and are using it still although this is not advised.

    The licence key you have for dictation module will be RD5xxx, you can not use this to install ODMS R6 (R6 licence keys starts RD6xx). But there is good news, Olympus have an upgrade option from R5 to R6 which is much cheaper than buying a new R6 licence.

    In Australia the part numbers are as follow, these may differ in other countries:

    AS-7003 Upgrade from DSS Player Pro R5 DICTATION Module to ODMS R6
    AS-7004 Upgrade from DSS Player Pro R5 TRANSCRIPTION Module to ODMS R6

    FYI you can install ODMS R6 and use it for 60 days for free in trial mode, I suggest you do that initially which buys you time to fully test R6 on your new device. Click here for info on how to initiate trial mode for ODMS.

    Note: If you buy an Olympus upgrade AS-7003/AS-7004 you must still have access to your R5 licence key while doing the upgrade.

    I hope that helps.


  15. Good Evening,

    Just upgraded the computer from 7 home to 10. We remote in to a server that is running windows 7. Trying to run ODMS program opens as usual but the play buttons do nothing.
    Have tried the shortcut key and the foot pedal and the play in the drop down menu.
    FF and rewind work. Have tested sound on PC and in the remote session ok. But the play counter doesn’t even move. Spoke to another transcriptionist and they had the same issue. and that someone remoted in and was an easy fix. Wondering if you know what the fix could be?



  16. Hello Alex

    If you have gone from Windows 7 to Windows 10 then you must be on at least version 6.4.0 of ODMS as this version and above supports Windows 10. You can download the installer from here which will upgrade your existing version. This will upgrade both dictation and transcription modules.

    Let us know if this does not resolve your issue.


  17. Hi
    Please help! I am transcribing dictation from overseas on ODMS version 6 which is emailed to me in an email attachment. Started yesterday and everything fine. Today I had trouble downloading email attachments into ODMS. Finally did this but the worst thing is now footpedal won’t play dictation and message is saying ‘dictation cannot be played. Audio device to play dictation cannot be found. Please confirm audio output device is enabled’. I note the bar that comes up when I go to play dictation is greyed out for ‘play’ as well. Thanks.

  18. Hello Susie

    I have emailed you direct to see if I can help. Sounds like a sound card issue but will help you troubleshoot.


  19. I have upgraded from windows 7 to windows 10. I have ODSM version 6.2 but have upgraded it to 6.4. The computer I am using it on is connected to a Domain and I need to map the folders to certain network folders so the dictation can be uploaded and recieved by everyone in the office. When I go to map these folders the software cannot see my network drives nor can it find my server that holds these network drives. Any ideas as to what is causing these issues?

  20. Hello Dalton

    Perfect that you have moved to the latest version of Olympus ODMS 6.4 for Windows 10 support. Your issue sounds more related to the computer itself not being able to see network drives. A good test is to go to Windows Explorer and see if you can connect or map to the network drives you need. Once you have the working through Explorer it should open up those drives in the ODMS folder mapping config.

    I hope that helps.


  21. we are using Windows 7 with DS-2300 digital voice recorders, DSS Player Standard 2 and DSS Player Version 6 which has been upgraded to I believe Version 7, then we had to get new peddles for the transcribers and bought RS27 foot switch, now our company is upgrading to Windows 10 and I see that our software will be okay but I don’t know if we need knew foot pedals (switches), can you tell me if the RS 27 will be compatible with Windows 10 and the current software we have now?


  22. Hello Penny

    Thank you for your message. Unfortunately in Australia we do not have the RS-27 model, we only have the RS-28 and RS-31. I just consulted our local Olympus compatibility chart but that too does not cover RS-27. You would need to contact Olympus America – for specifics on RS-27 and Windows 10 compatibility. If you have no luck with Olympus US please let me know, I will find a way to get the answer in the US for you.



  23. Hi Dave,

    Another question from Australia.

    We have an issue with the ODMS 6.4 when the program starts on Win10 it immediately freezes. It has been fine for a year of more since we upgraded to Win10 but in the last two week the program crashes.

    I just purchased 2 new DS-7000 and loaded the 6.4 software that came with the machine and the ODMS program locks on opening. It does not matter whether DS unit is attached or not the program still freezes.

    I emailed Olympus Australia who said it was a problem with our machines and they had never heard of it. Unfortunately they were unwilling, or unable to assist.

    I can include the error codes if required if we communicate via email.

  24. Thanks for your information Dave. We were having problems for the last 6 months or so with Windows 10 Pro and ODMS with a DS-7000 recorder in a cradle. The ODMS program would crash, usually when removing the recorder from the cradle, but sometimes when inserting it. We tried uninstalling and reinstalling the program as suggested by Olympus Oz support, but it was still the same. We recently tried the Patch0012 you have referred to previously, but that didn’t change anything.

    When trying to find a solution again today, I found that if I used the “Safe Removal” in the system tray to “eject” the DS-7000 before I removed it from the cradle, then the crash didn’t occur. A bit of a nuisance though to have to take that extra step. The impulse is to grab for the recorder when you want to dictate something, and not to first grab the mouse to click on the screen to eject.

    Then Google led me to your article and your responses in helping others. I was able to download the Patch0016 from your link, installed it, and not a crash since. Fantastic. Can’t thank you enough for your help. I have spent so many hours trying to work this one out. What a relief to have it put to bed finally. Thank you so much. So (Patch0016) works for me.

  25. We have been using the Olympus DSS Player Standard Transcription Module (version 2, I think, although the CD-ROM I found was for version 1.0). According to the Software Compatibility table on the Olympus website, DSS Player Standard v2.0 is supposed to be Windows 10-compatible; however, after moving the software from my old (Windows 7) computer to my new (Windows 10) computer at work via portable hard drive, it does not open on my new computer. Is there a patch or update or something I can download for DSS Player Standard which will get it working with Windows 10, or do we need to upgrade to something new — and would that new software still work with our existing AS-2400 foot pedals and the boss’ digital voice recorder?

  26. Hello Catherine

    Yes DSS Player Standard version 2 is compatible with Windows 10 as you have seen from the compatibility charts. Please ensure that you also have the latest available patches applied to keep your software fully up-to-date. Below is a link to the latest patches for DSS Player Standard v2:

    Olympus DSS Player Standard – Release 2 – Patch 6

    I hope that helps.


  27. Thanks, Dave, that did help! My only problem now is that, of the 2 copies of DSS Player Standard we have at work, 1 is version 1 and the other is version 2. The serial number from the version 1 disc didn’t work with a version 2 + patch 6 install on my Windows 10 computer, and using the same version 2 serial number on both secretaries’ computers is evidently a no-no, as it produces error messages on the 2nd computer (but still allows the program to work). I have been exchanging emails with Olympus tech support, and I suspect they’re going to tell me we have to purchase a 2nd physical copy of DSS Player Standard Version 2 in order to get a proper serial number for the install on the Windows 10 computer. I’m certainly not trying to circumvent what used to be called the “don’t copy that floppy” rule (long ago when dinosaurs walked the earth and used floppy discs in 8-bit computers . . .), but I had hoped for at least a discounted upgrade to Version 2 from our Version 1 copy of DSS Player Standard.

  28. Hey Catherine

    My understanding is that the key you have for V1 Std will work when you upgrade it to v2 Std. I checked with Olympus, DSS Player Std v2 is Windows 10 compatible. You will always, with Olympus software, need a unique licence key for each install.

    Hope that helps.


  29. Olympus customer service got back to me after I provided both the v1 & v2 license keys we had, and provided me with a new license key for a fresh install of v2 on the Windows 10 computer, and a download link for what was apparently a fully-patched copy of v2. Especially happy that they didn’t charge us anything for the version upgrade (since we had 2 legitimate copies of DSS Player Standard, just not both v2). The boss hasn’t dictated anything new since the install, but his last dictation plays back just fine on the Windows 10 computer, so I think everything’s good here now. Thanks for helping with the troubleshooting, Dave!

  30. am running dss pro R5, and windows 8.1 with the latest windows update, my sound has stopped working.
    can hear 1 word than faint mumbling.
    upgraded to R6.4 …. same problem.
    any ideas ?

  31. Hello Dayna

    Good move going to the latest version, R6. It sound more like a sound issue rather a software issue but one thing to try first is apply the latest patch for R6 and see if that helps. Details on the patch and its download from here:

    If you still have issues let me know.


  32. I have Olympus Dictation Management System 6.3.1 and will be going to Windows 10. Will my current version work and if not, what would I need for it to be compatible with Windows 10? Thank you.

  33. Hello Lori

    Yes ODMS version 6 is Windows 10 compatible. However, you should install the latest version which is R6.4.0 – you can download that from here:

    Additionally, once installed you should apply the latest patches for ODMS and Windows 10. You can get the latest patch from here:

    And finally, you can only install and use ODMS on one computer using your licence key (which starts RD6xx for dictation module and RT6xx for transcription module). Do not run ODMS on your old PC and new PC at the same time as one will be locked. Once you have confirmed that your new PC is running ODMS correctly, uninstall it from your old PC.

    Hope that helps.


  34. Hello Terry

    Yes the DS-7000 and all Olympus dictaphones/pedals are USB3 compatible although the dictaphones won’t use USB3 data transfer speeds.

    Also you have a DS-7000. Just a heads up that the Dictation Module software that came with the DS-7000 is ODMS version R6. R6 is out of support so it is recommended that you upgrade to version R7 which is supported. Am Olympus ODMS R6 (or DSS Player Pro R5) Dictation Module Upgrade licence key is part AS-9003

    Hope that helps.


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