Olympus ODMS Patch 16 Released – Update Your Dictation / Transcription Module Software

Olympus Australia just released another patch for their ODMS (Olympus Dictation Management System) dictation and transcription module software. The latest patch, known as Patch0016 contains a number of undisclosed bug fixes and minor improvements. It is recommended for all users of Olympus ODMS, both dictation and transcription module, to apply this patch. 

Recently there have been a small number of customers reporting hang or crash issues with ODMS, these users are typically on Windows 10. This is understandable with Windows 10 essentially being one rolling update with constant releases and updates which could trip up any software vendor. As usual Olympus are quick off the mark to keep their professional transcription and dictation software ahead of the pack to maintain their position as the leader for legal, medical and general dictation and transcription solutions.

The patch is just 3Mb in size and takes only seconds to run. You can download the ODMSPatch0016.exe from our share via this link:


Once executed you will see this message:

Olympus ODMS R6.4.0 Patch 16


To confirm that the patch has been applied, check the Help / About section of your Olympus Dictation or Transcription module to confirm the patch has been fully applied:

Olympus ODMS R6.4.0 Patch0016 Dictation Transcription Module


The Olympus ODMS Dictation Module software for Windows 10 is included with the Olympus DS-7000 and DS-3500 Professional digital dictaphone.

The Olympus ODMS Transcription Module software for Windows 10 is included with the Olympus AS-7000 Professional transcription kit.

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