Olympus ODMS Patch 16 Released – Update Your Dictation / Transcription Module Software

Olympus Australia just released another patch for their ODMS (Olympus Dictation Management System) dictation and transcription module software. The latest patch, known as Patch0016 contains a number of undisclosed bug fixes and minor improvements. It is recommended for all users of Olympus ODMS, both dictation and transcription module, to apply this patch.  Recently there have … read more

Olympus ODMS Support for Microsoft O365 & Office 2016 – Patch0009

##UPDATE April 2017## A newer patch has been released for ODMS R6, Patch 0016 .. click this link for details dictat.es/Patch0016 Olympus recently released a patch for their ODMS (Olympus Dictation Management System) software for Microsoft Windows which added support for Microsoft Office 2016 and also fixed a couple of minor issues with Office 365 … read more

ODMS 6.4 Release – Olympus Dictation Management System for Windows

On 1st July 2015 the latest version of ODMS hit the Olympus servers for public download. This is a free update to your ODMS dictation or transcription module software. New features and improvements include: •        Enhancement of Dictation/Transcription file exchange via ODDS, which now allows typists to automatically send reply documents back … read more

[Windows] Olympus Release ODMS Update R6.2.0 for Dictation and Transcription Module

The flurry of updates to ODMS (Olympus Dictation Management System for Windows) since its launch continues this week with the roll out of a free update which takes the latest version of the dictation and transcription module software to R.6.2.0 Official Changes in ODMS R6.2.0 change log are listed as: RS32 (Hand Controller) is supported. … read more

Dead PC or Upgrading Computer? – How To Transfer Your Olympus DSS Player Pro, ODMS or DSS Player Plus Software Licence

Congratulations, you finally went out and splurged on the latest and greatest Windows PC or Mac, maybe as an upgrade or maybe because your last machine ceased to be and could no longer keep up with the pressure of daily use. During the long winded transfer of software and restore of data from one to … read more

[Windows] Olympus ODMS R6 Try It For Free – Dictation & Transcription Module

Olympus ODMS R6 Dictation Transcription Module Free Trial Download

**UPDATE June 2018** Olympus have released a new version of ODMS, now at version ODMS R7 which replaces ODMS R6. Like R6 you can also install ODMS R7 in trial mode to give you 60 days of free use for either the Dictation Module (DM) or Transcription Module (TM). Click here for details on how to install Olympus ODMS R7 for free in trial mode 

ODMS R6 is now out-of-support. You should upgrade from DSS Player Pro R5 or ODMS R6 to the latest ODMS R7 using an upgrade licence key:

  • Olympus upgrade to ODMS R7 from DSS Player Pro R6 or ODMS R6 Dictation Module [AS-9003]
  • Olympus upgrade to ODMS R7 from DSS Player Pro R6 or ODMS R6 Transcription Module [AS-9004]


Olympus Dictation Management System or ODMS is the latest software to be shipped with the Professional Olympus digital dictaphones (DS-7000/DS-3500) and digital transcription kit (AS-7000). ODMS R6 replaces the well known DSS Player Pro series dictation/transcription module software which made it to R5.

Just like DSS Player Pro, ODMS has the ability to be installed, standalone, on a Windows PC in trial mode. This will give you 60 days of full functionality of either the dictation module, transcription module or both. Yes you can convert .ds2 audio files to .dss for free during the 60 day trial. Those of you with DSS Player Pro R5 this is a great way to have a look at the new software. Just a warning though, DO NOT install ODMS on a PC with DSS Player Pro – it will remove your DSS Player Pro and replace it with ODMS. Not a problem if you plan to buy a licence during or at the end of your 60 days.

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