The Lawler Manoeuvre – Actually Not The Best Way To Record Phone Calls

olympus TP-8 how to record tape phone calls

On a recent episode of ABC Four Corners, a weekly current affairs TV show in Australia, a senior figure who presides of large industrial disputes demonstrated how he secretly recorded, with an Olympus digital voice recorder, private phone calls. Unfortunately he had not done his research on phone call recording otherwise instead of the awkward … read more

Olympus Australia Offer $50 Cash Back for each DS-7000 and AS-7000 Purchased Until 31st August 2015

Olympus Australia are ringing in the New Financial year by offering customers $50 cash back for each professional digital dictaphone and transcription kit purchased from 15th July 2015 through 31st August 2015. The cash back comes in the form of a pre-filled EFTPOS card so it can be spent anywhere on anything across Australia. The … read more

Olympus DS-7000 – $100 Cash Back from Olympus Australia – Trade In Promotion

Olympus Australia have recently announced a trade-in promotion which runs until the end of October 2014. To qualify for upto $100 cash back when you buy a qualifying brand new Olympus digital dictaphone all you have to do is trade in your old, tired digital or analog tape voice recorder/dictaphone. That’s all there is to it … read more

Olympus Audio Equipment Windows Compatibility Chart

With a lot of movement in the Windows and Olympus software world we thought it was apt to post a Windows compatibility chart to give you an overview of what Olympus audio products are compatible with the myriad of Windows operating systems. Windows as an operating system has experienced a growth spurt in the last … read more

Olympus Release Updates To The Awesome Little WS Series Digital Voice Recorder Range – WS-831 / WS-832 / WS-833

Olympus have recently revamped their WS series range of digital voice recorders. This mighty little recorders are typically the go-to recorders for journalists, students, office managers and the like on a budget who need a feature packed digital voice recorder with outstanding audio pickup and quality. The WS range has long been a popular choice, … read more

The Feisty Little Olympus WS Series Digital Voice Recorder Power Options – USB and/or AAA

The WS series of digital voice recorders from Olympus is a fantastic little range of three models the WS-811, WS-812 and WS-813. All are perfectly suited for recording small meetings, interviews and soundbites and with its small physical size is a favourite with journalists and the police. The recorders have many features which increase as … read more

Olympus ME-52W Noise Cancelling Microphone Also Works With GoPro

I just stumbled across this great video on YouTube from Brendan Wenzel in the US using an Olympus ME-52W noise cancelling mic with a GoPro. The ME-52W is commonly used with the Olympus range of digital voice recorders to cut down on wind noise when recording outside or when recording audio that is going to … read more

New Boundary Microphone ME-33 from Olympus

Olympus have just release a new microphone in Australia called the ME-33. The ME-33 is commonly known as a boundary or array microphone and connects to any Olympus digital voice recorder including the Pro DS series dictaphones (DS-7000/DS-3500) and the traditional meeting recorders like the DM-3 (this is the preferred recorder with the ME-33’s) or … read more