Work from Home as a Transcription Typist – What Do I Need?

Work from Home transcription typist

We have been involved in digital dictation and transcription for nearly ten years now and something that has remained as a constant during that time is the need for transcription typists. Not much has really changed over the years other than the fact that we are now fully digital and gone are the days of … read more

Olympus Australia Offer $50 Cash Back for each DS-7000 and AS-7000 Purchased Until 31st August 2015

Olympus Australia are ringing in the New Financial year by offering customers $50 cash back for each professional digital dictaphone and transcription kit purchased from 15th July 2015 through 31st August 2015. The cash back comes in the form of a pre-filled EFTPOS card so it can be spent anywhere on anything across Australia. The … read more

The Next Step In The Olympus Digital Dictation Evolution – DS-7000 Announced Today

New Olympus DS 7000 digital dictaphone

In a first of its kind Olympus Imaging in Australia held a product launch at swanky Woolwich eatery Deckhouse today in Sydney. Spoiled only by the torrential rain, with the Sydney Harbour Bridge seen in the murky distance stood several Olympus branded pedestals covered in magician black velvet hiding what was about to be announced.

Olympus Audio Pro dealers from around the country had gathered to listen to Olympus Imaging Managing Director Marc Radatt present his spiel starting with the history of Olympus, building thru to the imaging range and culminating with the announcement we audio people had gathered for … the new Olympus DS-7000 digital dictaphone.

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