Work from Home as a Transcription Typist – What Do I Need?

Work from Home transcription typist

We have been involved in digital dictation and transcription for nearly ten years now and something that has remained as a constant during that time is the need for transcription typists. Not much has really changed over the years other than the fact that we are now fully digital and gone are the days of … read more

Using Express Scribe From NCH In A Transcription Business

Express Scribe, the transcription software from NCH Software is famous the world over with seasoned virtual assistants and also with those looking to start a career in the transcription industry. Why? Well mainly because it’s free but there are also plenty of other compelling factors to this software. Annalisa Holmes from The Transcription People, one … read more

Express Scribe (Windows) Now Supports .ds2 File Format From v5.30

2016 UPDATE .. Well this blog post from 2011 was very short lived and ds2 support in the 5.32 release of Express Scribe turned out to be false. Express Scribe does NOT support the .ds2 Audio Format NCH Software recently outed a new release of the worlds most popular free transcription software for Windows, Express … read more

Review: Philips 2310 & 2320 USB Foot Control – Express Scribe Compatible

In the dark and mysterious world of transcription, well not really dark and mysterious just needed to make it a little more exciting than it really is, the most common software used by transcription typists is Express Scribe from NCH SwiftSound. This is great software for two key reasons, 1) it is free $0 2) it is Australian made, NCH Swift Sound are an Australia company based in Canberra.

Ergonomic design of the Philips 2310 and 2320 USB Foot Control - Express Scribe Compatible

Primarily because of key reason 1 above this makes it very popular with the army of Virtual Assistants (VAs) around the world who like to include transcription in their portfolio of services offered. Sure on its own Scribe works really well and for some, especially those with no transcription experience, having no footpedal is not a big deal. But for the serious transcriptionist or for people converting from analogue transcription kits (ahh those trusty Pearlcorders), a good reliable foot pedal is a must.

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Ease The Pain When Typing Notes From Digitally Recorded Interviews, Meetings or Focus Groups

I love my job. One of the main reasons for that statement is that I get to speak to broad range of people from all walks of life all across Australia daily. One minute it might be a family member in the bush who wants to record a grandparent telling stories of their life for future family generations to hear and for them to transcibe into a family history record. Next minute it might be a journalist in Melbourne looking for the best voice recorder to grab quick, clear soundbites of someone in the news ready for them to quote in a story later that day.

One thing most people who buy a digital voice recorder have in common is the need to listen to the audio while typing up notes or a verbatum account of the audio. For those who are not in the know, this usually involves playing the audio back through Windows Media Player or QuickTime flicking quickly to Word to type a few words then flicking back to the audio player to stop and rewind so you can hear the last sentence or two again. This in itself will very quickly become tedious and a truely painful experience.

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Help! My Transcriptionist Can’t Play The Audio From My Olympus DS-5000

The Olympus DS-5000 records by default in DSS Pro .ds2 format, this can be changed to standard DSS .dss format by switch to Classic Mode, heres how.