Express Scribe (Windows) Now Supports .ds2 File Format From v5.30

2016 UPDATE .. Well this blog post from 2011 was very short lived and ds2 support in the 5.32 release of Express Scribe turned out to be false. Express Scribe does NOT support the .ds2 Audio Format

Express Scribe Can Now Play Load .ds2 DSS Pro Audio Files

NCH Software recently outed a new release of the worlds most popular free transcription software for Windows, Express Scribe, which is finally compatible with DSS Pro audio file formats, better known as .ds2 files. Not only that but NCH claims that Express Scribe is compatible with both Phillips DSS Pro and Olympus DSS Pro audio files (yes there is a difference even though DSS Pro is supposed to be a standard).

From Olympus the DSS Pro (.ds2) audio files are created on their Pro range of digital dictaphones (DS-5000, DS-3400 and DS-2400) and has caused some issues for many small outsource transcription businesses who were aggrieved to actually spend money and buy the appropriate software to either play or convert these audio files to load into pre version 5.30 Express Scribe. How to convert .ds2 audio files to play in Express Scribe has been covered in an earlier blog post of ours (one of our most popular posts) – click here

Great move by NCH although it did take some time to get there, the rejoicing from the transcription world will be huge. Easily one of the best if not the best transcription software out there, Express Scribe continues to dominate the transcription world and rightly so. Come on NCH, let us pay for this software 😉

As yet .ds2 can only be played by Express Scribe on Windows. The Mac version (as of version 5.32) remains without .ds2 support.

Click here to keep an eye on Express Scribe versions – both Mac and Windows

Click here to download a sample Olympus .ds2 audio file to test your Express Scribe

7 thoughts on “Express Scribe (Windows) Now Supports .ds2 File Format From v5.30”

  1. > Come on NCH, let us pay for this software

    Starting with v5.40 there’s a paid version called “Express Scribe Pro”, which is required to load DSS Pro files.

  2. As your anonymous commenter pointed out NCH did split out a New Professional Version of Express Scribe. I’m glad that there is at least one user who will be happy to pay us for it. We know there a lot of transcriptionists out there who are fans of Express Scribe and we are hoping there won’t be too many people upset by the transition but we also hope that it will help us better maintain and improve the product.

    NCH Software
    NCH Software Blog

  3. Thanks Jennifer

    We have been supporters of Scribe for years now and even went as far as getting a logo branded version a couple of years ago. I often direct people to Scribe who come to me for advice on recorders and transcription, even though we sell the Olympus transcription kits, there are many circumstances where Scribe is a more viable option for them.

    For US$40 for the Pro Version of Express Scribe this is still a bargain. For those who have used Scribe for years and even those new to Scribe this is a small price to pay for some excellent transcription software.

    Dictate Australia

  4. I wasn’t aware there was a Pro version, thanks I’ll check it out.

    I actually prefer to use ES over my paid-for transcription software as I like the way I can see all the files that are waiting to be done – although I have found sometimes it won’t read DSS files. I’ve one client in particular who emails me through a batch and every now and then it refuses to even acknowledge it’s there, in the list of files…. very odd!

  5. So do I have to purchase the Pro version in order to play my DSS files from Phillips? I have downloaded the new free version, and still cannot play the DSS files.

  6. Hello Katie

    Yes the paid version from v5.40 onwards will play .ds2 audio files as well as some video file formats. You can use the software free for a couple of weeks to try it out, while in its free period you will be able to transcribe .ds2 files. After that yes you will need to pay for the Pro version or add/remove programs and un-install to get the option to roll back to the free edition of Express Scribe.

    Hope that helps.

    Dictate Australia

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