Help! My Transcriptionist Can’t Play The Audio From My Olympus DS-5000

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“Help” is a comment we have had a few times since the mac daddy of the Olympus digital voice recorder range, the DS-5000 and DS-5000iD was launched late 2008. This new Olympus digital dicataphone, which replaced the sturdy DS-4000, uses the latest DSS (Digital Speech Standard) audio technology known as DSS Pro which produces digital audio files with the extension .ds2

The previous audio format used by its predecessor the Olympus DS-4000 produced audio files with the extension .dss, this audio format was shared between a few of the leading digital voice manufacturers like Olympus and Philips and had been around for a while. Third party voice developers like the Australian NCH company had developed software which could easily play that audio format on a PC and so they and others created software which could use that format. Of note was their highly popular free digital transcription software called Express Scribe.

What we have found lately is the users of the DS-5000 recorders who are utilising the smaller outsource transcription companies are having issues as Express Scribe and other free transcription software is not able to play the DSS Pro .ds2 audio files.

No need to panic, there is a way around this. Although the DS-5000 by default records in DSS Pro it can be changed to record in the older DSS .dss format, this is called Classic Mode. Setting the DS-5000 to Classic Mode is done via the DSS Pro Dictation Module software and not on the recorder itself. I spent plenty of time trawling through the onboard menus on my DS-5000iD before I did the sensible thing and read the manual!

If you are using a smaller outsource transcription business or your in house typing team uses the older Olympus transcription kits then I would suggest you switch your DS-5000 to classic mode until such time as they have updated their software to the DSS Pro transcription module or purchased a new Olympus AS-5000 digital transcription kit.

2 thoughts on “Help! My Transcriptionist Can’t Play The Audio From My Olympus DS-5000”

  1. So do you need the actual Dictaphone device, or can you just change the format after downloaded through the software or program?

  2. Hey Rebekah

    No you don’t need the dictaphone just the audio file recorded on it. The Dictation module software will let you convert that audio from .ds2 to .dss or if you have the transcription module software you will be able to transcribe the audio received from the device.

    Hope that helps.


    Dictate Australia

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