The Lawler Manoeuvre – Actually Not The Best Way To Record Phone Calls

olympus TP-8 how to record tape phone calls

On a recent episode of ABC Four Corners, a weekly current affairs TV show in Australia, a senior figure who presides of large industrial disputes demonstrated how he secretly recorded, with an Olympus digital voice recorder, private phone calls. Unfortunately he had not done his research on phone call recording otherwise instead of the awkward … read more

The Feisty Little Olympus WS Series Digital Voice Recorder Power Options – USB and/or AAA

The WS series of digital voice recorders from Olympus is a fantastic little range of three models the WS-811, WS-812 and WS-813. All are perfectly suited for recording small meetings, interviews and soundbites and with its small physical size is a favourite with journalists and the police. The recorders have many features which increase as … read more

18 Alternate Uses For Digital Voice Recorders

Most of us are familiar with digital voice recorders and dictaphones and are generally aware of their day-to-day use. Doctors and lawyers use them to dictate letters and notes for their transcription typists on a digital dictaphone. Journalists thrust digital voice recorders in the face of people making press statements. Market researchers record focus groups … read more

[Windows] Olympus ODMS R6 Try It For Free – Dictation & Transcription Module

Olympus ODMS R6 Dictation Transcription Module Free Trial Download

**UPDATE June 2018** Olympus have released a new version of ODMS, now at version ODMS R7 which replaces ODMS R6. Like R6 you can also install ODMS R7 in trial mode to give you 60 days of free use for either the Dictation Module (DM) or Transcription Module (TM). Click here for details on how to install Olympus ODMS R7 for free in trial mode 

ODMS R6 is now out-of-support. You should upgrade from DSS Player Pro R5 or ODMS R6 to the latest ODMS R7 using an upgrade licence key:

  • Olympus upgrade to ODMS R7 from DSS Player Pro R6 or ODMS R6 Dictation Module [AS-9003]
  • Olympus upgrade to ODMS R7 from DSS Player Pro R6 or ODMS R6 Transcription Module [AS-9004]


Olympus Dictation Management System or ODMS is the latest software to be shipped with the Professional Olympus digital dictaphones (DS-7000/DS-3500) and digital transcription kit (AS-7000). ODMS R6 replaces the well known DSS Player Pro series dictation/transcription module software which made it to R5.

Just like DSS Player Pro, ODMS has the ability to be installed, standalone, on a Windows PC in trial mode. This will give you 60 days of full functionality of either the dictation module, transcription module or both. Yes you can convert .ds2 audio files to .dss for free during the 60 day trial. Those of you with DSS Player Pro R5 this is a great way to have a look at the new software. Just a warning though, DO NOT install ODMS on a PC with DSS Player Pro – it will remove your DSS Player Pro and replace it with ODMS. Not a problem if you plan to buy a licence during or at the end of your 60 days.

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New Voice Detect Feature In Olympus WS-812/WS-813 – Removes White Space From Audio Recordings

Olympus WS-812 digital voice recorder from Dictate Australia

Way back when, well almost a couple of months ago, when I heard of the new WS series digital voice recorders being released from Olympus came three brand new features that I couldn’t wait to have a play with. You may remember the blog post with the Dalek which announced Voice Playback (officially called Voice Detect), Voice Changer and Voice Balancer. I have been putting a demo Olympus WS-812 through its paces the last few days in readiness for a WS series review and ran a test of the Voice Detect feature for your reading and listening pleasure.

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Using The Olympus DS-7000 With Older Transcription Kits

## UPDATE ## ## With release R5.0.13 the AS-5000 kit is now fully compatible with the ## new Olympus DS-7000 and Olympus DS-3500 digital dictaphones ## Click here for the blog detailing this release   With the release of the new Olympus DS-7000 and DS-3500 digital dictaphones in Australia and around the world recently one … read more

Mac: How To Email Dictation From Olympus DSS Player v7 Plus

Email ds2 digital audio from Olympus dictaphone on Mac

Slowly but surely the Mac version of DSS Player is coming up to speed against its more mature Windows counterpart – called DSS Player v7 Plus on Mac and DSS Player Pro v5 Dictation Module on Windows. However the Mac DSS software is still lacking a couple of keys features that Windows users enjoy, one key feature is auto email of dictation audio files. Most Mac users will simply puff out their chests as they huff that they are quite capable of sending an email without software doing it for them, still it is a handy feature, especially if you have multiple audio files, and a feature that people often ask about and look for.

I was prompted to write this blog post as a couple of hits recently had people looking at how you actually send an audio file from DSS Player v7 Plus, this is when I noticed that it is not entirely obvious in the software – there is no email button or file option. In true Mac fashion emailing a file or files is intuitive – you simply drag and drop from DSS Player Pro into your mail client or into your browser if you use Gmail via the web interface, that’s it. If you are one of those people who like to select the file from disk the quickest way to locate your dictation file and folder is to double tap (or right click if you have set this) on the audio file name in the right window pain in DSS Player Plus, select Property then expand out the File Path to open a Finder window showing your file location. All of these are covered below in detail:

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Olympus DM-3 / DM-5 Latest Firmware – Ver 1.20

A new firmware update is available for the Olympus DM-3 and DM-5 digital voice/meeting/interview recorders, version 1.20 New in this firmware release is: Support the functions of USB microphone or Speaker. Supports the function to register the voice keywords for the schedule. Supports the function to register the voice memos for the schedule. Supports the … read more