The Amazing LiveScribe Pulse SmartPen Available In Australia

We have just received our demo LiveScribe Pulse SmartPen in the office ready to produce some reviews and video demos for both Mac and Windows users. There has been a buzz about this product in Australia for while now on the WhirlPool forums and also on Twitter which is where I heard about the product.

The SmartPen is a computer inside a pen, while you write your notes in the special LiveScribe Dot Paper notepad the built in camera records exactly what you are writing. If you also record audio at the same time, e.g. if you are in a lecture, meeting or conference the audio is linked to what you are writing at that time, word for word. When you review your notes in the notepad you simply tap on any word that you wrote and any audio recorded at that moment is played back, as they say on the LiveScribe website you “never miss a word”. Your written notes and audio can also be uploaded to your PC or Mac and the notes and audio played back on your computer. You can even share your notes and audio online.

Here is a short promo video from LiveScribe with a quick overview of the SmartPen. We will post more videos in the near future showing you the features and the functions of the SmartPen on both Mac and Windows in the near future as we prepare ourselves to supply and support this product within Australia.

Dictate Australia will be selling the LiveScribe Pulse SmartPen from May 2009 – Click here for product information and pricing.

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  1. As we are an Australian reseller we get a demo model for our evaluation, this lets us get used to the pen and can then help us support our Win and Mac users with any LiveScribe issues. If you have any specific questions you would like answered email us – – and we can address them via email or can give you a call.

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