Work from Home as a Transcription Typist – What Do I Need?

Work from Home transcription typist

We have been involved in digital dictation and transcription for nearly ten years now and something that has remained as a constant during that time is the need for transcription typists. Not much has really changed over the years other than the fact that we are now fully digital and gone are the days of … read more

End Of Financial Year Sale – $100 off Olympus DS/AS-7000 Bundle !!

Olympus DS-7000 AS-7000 Bundle Discount Coupon Code - Dictate Australia - EOFY - End Of Financial Year

Personally I am not a fan of these end of year sales but with our nice new website we have the option of implementing discount codes so what better way to test them out than with an end of financial year bargain.

Now that we have you on the edge of your seat screaming “tell ’em the price son, the price son !!” here is is:

$100 off the Olympus Pro Dictation and Transcription Bundles – DS-7000 + AS-7000

read moreEnd Of Financial Year Sale – $100 off Olympus DS/AS-7000 Bundle !!