Amazon AWS Transcribe – Disruption For The Transcription Typing Industry

Amazon AWS Transcribe for Audio Transcription

Transcription, a service whereby audio is listened to by a real person and physically typed, is now under pressure from new technology created by Amazon called AWS Transcribe an Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) service. #UPDATE# September 2020. Microsoft also disrupts by adding the Transcribe function to Word via which converts single or multi (meetings/interviews) … read more

Drastically Reduce Transcription Costs & Time With Voice to Text Software for Mac & Windows

We have been writing this blog for quite a few years now, our first post was back in early 2009. Since then we have covered advances in the voice recording world and touched on speech recognition software here and there. We were even resellers for Dragon NaturallySpeaking for Windows for a while and were helping … read more

iPhone Hugo Dictation with Automatic Transcription using Olympus ODMS and Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Here is another blog post in our Dragon NaturallySpeaking series. We are trying to demonstrate to both digital dictators and digital transcription typists how you can use Dragon in your daily work life to reduce typing time and increase productive time. In this post we are looking at remote recording apps and how they can … read more

Transcription Typists, Tame The Dragon Don’t Fear It

## UPDATE May 2017 ## : The latest versions of Dragon for Mac (v6) and Dragon for Windows (v15) are huge improvements on the version of Dragon available when this post was originally written. Click here to look at this blog post which has video examples of voice-to-text for single speaker audio as well as … read more

[Windows] Olympus Release ODMS Update R6.2.0 for Dictation and Transcription Module

The flurry of updates to ODMS (Olympus Dictation Management System for Windows) since its launch continues this week with the roll out of a free update which takes the latest version of the dictation and transcription module software to R.6.2.0 Official Changes in ODMS R6.2.0 change log are listed as: RS32 (Hand Controller) is supported. … read more

Olympus Awarded Six Dragons for Accuracy with NaturallySpeaking by Nuance

The complete range of Olympus Pro digital dictation devices have been bumped up the Dragon speech accuracy ladder by Nuance to achieve the highest possible rating for use with Dragon NaturallySpeaking for Windows, six out of six Dragons. The rating applies to all the handheld dictation devices in the current Olympus line up, which are: … read more

Why Buy A Digital Voice Recorder or Voice Recognition Software From A Reseller Rather Than A High Street Store

This is a post that I have been putting off writing for some time. I don’t want it to appear salesy but after a phone call to our office today I decided it was time to finish this post and to publish it. My business, Dictate Australia, is an Olympus Pro reseller and also a … read more

Digital Transcription – All You Need To Transcribe Digital Audio Files

All You Need To Do Digital Transcription - PC or Mac, Software and USB Foot Pedal

[audio:|titles=Listen To This Blog Post – All You Need To Transcribe Digital Audio Files]

Transcription like most things these days has gone digital. Gone are the days of loading and listening to poor quality analogue tapes now we just load and listen to crystal clear digital audio which arrives via email, on a shared network drive or downloaded from a cloud. Regardless of whether you are an experienced micro cassette transcriptionist or someone who is new to transcription the equipment you will need is the same. Transcribing voice to text for digitally recorded audio letters, notes, interviews, focus groups, meetings etc is a highly skilled job, below are the key tools you will need to make this task easier:

read moreDigital Transcription – All You Need To Transcribe Digital Audio Files