Olympus Awarded Six Dragons for Accuracy with NaturallySpeaking by Nuance

The complete range of Olympus Pro digital dictation devices have been bumped up the Dragon speech accuracy ladder by Nuance to achieve the highest possible rating for use with Dragon NaturallySpeaking for Windows, six out of six Dragons. The rating applies to all the handheld dictation devices in the current Olympus line up, which are: … read more

Why Buy A Digital Voice Recorder or Voice Recognition Software From A Reseller Rather Than A High Street Store

This is a post that I have been putting off writing for some time. I don’t want it to appear salesy but after a phone call to our office today I decided it was time to finish this post and to publish it. My business, Dictate Australia, is an Olympus Pro reseller and also a … read more

Type What You Speak – Voice Recognition Software For Mac, Dragon Dictate from Nuance

Using Dragon Dictate for Mac to type real time speech to text voice recognition

Voice recognition software is nothing new, it has been around since 1997 on Windows with the well known Dragon NaturallySpeaking software. Nuance the makers of NaturallySpeaking also have a Mac offering in the form of Dragon Dictate which shares the same voice recognition engine known as Dragon. In the following quick video I wanted to just show you Dragon as it is most commonly used, simply to type as you talk.

Perfect for those of you just want to speak your thoughts, maybe writing a blog post, your first novel or a story for publication if you are a journalist. Simply sit back, relax and talk using Dragon – yes there will be mistakes (there is one in the video, did you spot it?) but the key point is you can get your thoughts out without being interrupted or slowed down with your typing speed. Voice recognition, as I mention in the video, is said to be upto five times faster than typing yourself. Couple the speed of transcription with a quick run through proof read and you still have text down much quicker than typing it yourself.

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What Is Dragon Voice Recorder [DVR] Edition And Should You Buy It?

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Digital Voice Recorder DVR Edition with digital voice recorder

[audio:https://www.idictate.com.au/podcast/idictate-what-is-dvr.mp3|titles=Listen To This Blog Post – What Is Dragon Voice Recorder Edition?]

Dragon Voice Recorder Edition or DVR Edition as it is more commonly known is often the keyword of many a Google search that ends up on my blog. I have referred to this product a couple of times over the life of iDictate but now feels like the right time to dedicate a post to this often overlooked Nuance family member.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Voice Recorder Edition is a Windows only product and comes, depending on which country you are in, with either an Olympus, Philips or Sony digital voice recorder. Now the recorders included are not particularly flash – they are generally the lower end of the range recorders, but they are good enough for digitally recorded voice to text. The DVR edition is generally priced very low and for those unaware when bundled with a voice recorder looks to be a bit of a bargain. But buyer beware there are a few things you need to know about this little bundle.

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I Want To Use Dragon Voice Recognition In My School/Uni – What Licence Do I Need?

Nuance Dragon Education School NaturallySpeaking Volume Site Licence Australia - How To

The Dragon voice recognition products from Nuance – NaturallySpeaking for Windows & Dragon Dictate for Mac – are not just a useful aid for teachers and educators but are also fast becoming essential tools for learning in our schools and universities for students too. Allowing children to speak their thoughts and not be held back by the speed of their typing which lets creativity flow. Helping children with their spoken diction and instantly showing the correct spelling of words as they are spoken are a huge benefit. That coupled with the fact that students are comfortable using computers it makes sense for schools and universities to be looking at this speech recognition technology. In summary benefits of speech recognition technology for students and educators include:

  • Improves core reading and writing skills for students of all abilities
  • Helps students with language-based learning disabilities more easily express themselves in writing
  • Provides accessibility for teachers and students with physical disabilities that hamper typing
  • Bridges English Language Learners’ oral and  written communication skills
  • Prepares students to use emerging interfaces in the 21st century workforce
  • Enables teachers to prepare more detailed assessments of student work through dictation

Dictate Australia - Nuance Gold Certified ResellerThis is where we, Dictate Australia, can help as certified Gold Nuance Australia resellers. We can supply site education licences for learning facilities across Australia. This not only opens you up to larger discounts on Nuance pricing but also makes your software asset management more manageable compared to buying odd licences ad hoc. The licensing of Dragon NaturallySpeaking (Windows computers) and Dragon Dictate (for Macs) is slightly different for educational purposes than it is for commercial or government bulk licensing the differences being:

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Can Dragon NaturallySpeaking Transcribe Meetings Or Interviews?

  This post revised November 2012 with updated Dragon version details for Mac and Windows. Another update, early 2017. The below pretty much holds true still but there have been some advancements in voice-to-text software since this blog was originally written. We are starting to see some success with transcribing one on one interviews. Multi … read more

Is My Digital Voice Recorder, iPhone or iPad Recording App Compatible With Dragon NaturallySpeaking?

Dragon NaturallySpeaking from Nuance, currently at version 12, can use a digital recording of your spoken voice and transcribe that into text (Premium and Professional versions only), this is commonly referred to as deferred transcription. With so many people now owning either a digital voice recorder and/or an iPhone or iPad with a voice recording … read more

Nuance News: Australia, 11.5 Now Available For Download

And a pleasant surprise today when this popped up on my desktop: Yes, 11.5 is now ready for download and upgrade in Australia for all registered Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11 users. The upgrade will open up the use of your iPhone as a remote wireless mic into Dragon NaturallySpeaking on Windows (unless you are a Home … read more