What Is Dragon Voice Recorder [DVR] Edition And Should You Buy It?

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Digital Voice Recorder DVR Edition with digital voice recorder

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Dragon Voice Recorder Edition or DVR Edition as it is more commonly known is often the keyword of many a Google search that ends up on my blog. I have referred to this product a couple of times over the life of iDictate but now feels like the right time to dedicate a post to this often overlooked Nuance family member.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Voice Recorder Edition is a Windows only product and comes, depending on which country you are in, with either an Olympus, Philips or Sony digital voice recorder. Now the recorders included are not particularly flash – they are generally the lower end of the range recorders, but they are good enough for digitally recorded voice to text. The DVR edition is generally priced very low and for those unaware when bundled with a voice recorder looks to be a bit of a bargain. But buyer beware there are a few things you need to know about this little bundle.

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Nuance News: Australia, 11.5 Now Available For Download

And a pleasant surprise today when this popped up on my desktop: Yes, 11.5 is now ready for download and upgrade in Australia for all registered Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11 users. The upgrade will open up the use of your iPhone as a remote wireless mic into Dragon NaturallySpeaking on Windows (unless you are a Home … read more

Nuance Bump Dragon NaturallySpeaking to 11.5 – Embraces iPhone & Social Media

Nuance DragonNaturallySpeaking 11.5 Integrates Facebook, Twitter and a wireless iPhone iPad app

Some excitement over the last couple of weeks with rumours abound that Nuance have done a deal with Apple and have signed some kind of agreement to use their voice recognition technology in the up coming iOS5 release for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Since Siri was gobbled up by Apple back in 2010 we have all been waiting to see what Apple will do with the voice controlled concierge and the theory is Dragon will be used to power the new Apple stamped version of Siri when it finally emerges. These are just rumours for now but rumours which are growing in substance.

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