Olympus Awarded Six Dragons for Accuracy with NaturallySpeaking by Nuance

The complete range of Olympus Pro digital dictation devices have been bumped up the Dragon speech accuracy ladder by Nuance to achieve the highest possible rating for use with Dragon NaturallySpeaking for Windows, six out of six Dragons. The rating applies to all the handheld dictation devices in the current Olympus line up, which are: … read more

[Mac] Dragon Dictate 3 – What Digital Voice Recorders Are Compatible With The New Transcription Feature

New in Dragon Dictate 3 for the Mac is the Transcription feature. This allows you to record your voice when you are away from your Mac in digital format. That recording can later be loaded into Dragon Dictate 3 and a transcript of your words will be produced. This is uber new on the Mac … read more

[Mac] Olympus DSS Player for Mac – Update to version V7.3.0 Now Available

Olympus have released an update to their DSS Player software for Mac to version 7.3.0 – don’t get too excited, it is mainly just a compatibility update. Included in this update are: DSS Pro files that were encrypted in High Encryption mode (using 256-bit encryption keys) can now be decrypted and played back. (They cannot … read more

Replacing Your Old Olympus Digital Voice Recorder – What Is The Current Equivalent Model?

Olympus Discontinued Voice Recorder Models

Olympus voice are an innovative bunch, they don’t tend to sit on their hands doing not a lot, they keep refining and evolving their range of digital voice recorders. It is not uncommon to see digital voice recorder models come and go in the space of a single year. As such we often find customers coming back after years of use to replace their digital note taker or dictaphone only to find that their old model voice recorder has been replaced by a newer model.

In an attempt to make finding the current equivalent voice recorder to replace your old trusty Olympus digital voice recorder a little easier I have compiled a list of old models and their latest equivalents. This list covers PCM music recorders, interview/meeting/focus group recorders, budget recorders, the Pro range of digital dictaphones and finally Olympus digital transcription kits.

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