iPhone Hugo Dictation with Automatic Transcription using Olympus ODMS and Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Here is another blog post in our Dragon NaturallySpeaking series. We are trying to demonstrate to both digital dictators and digital transcription typists how you can use Dragon in your daily work life to reduce typing time and increase productive time. In this post we are looking at remote recording apps and how they can integrate with your in office setup.

We all love our smart phones, they can do just about everything we need. For anyone who dictates in their job, typically doctors or lawyers, the dictaphone is an essential work tool. This has been extended out of the practice or surgery with the smart phone and the ability to record and send dictation right from our phone. We have already mentioned Hugo Dictation in an earlier post. Hugo was launched in early 2013 and was the first iPhone app to be endorsed by Olympus in the UK and to include Olympus ODMS specific data alongside its audio recording, in effect emulating a recording you could have made on your Olympus DS-7000, DS-3500 or via a DirectRec USB mic in your office.

There is no doubt that Hugo is a huge bonus for anyone who dictates in their daily work lives. You have the ability anytime anywhere to record your dictation and send it via email to be received by either your dictation module and/or your typists transcription module. Throw Dragon NaturallySpeaking into the mix and you have a very accurate dictation/transcription workflow setup that allows audio to be sent from your iPhone and automatically transcribed on your PC ready for you or your transcription typist to proof read. Really this is emulating the top shelf, top price software solutions like BigHand but at a fraction of the cost.

Here is the flow:

  1. On your iPhone, record your dictation using the Hugo Dictation app
  2. Email your audio to your typists or your business email address
  3. Olympus ODMS Dictation and Transcription module can be configured to monitor incoming email for audio files, as your dictation arrives ODMS loads it
  4. Olympus ODMS Dictation and Transcription module can be configured to link your audio, via your AuthorID to a Dragon NaturallySpeaking voice profile. Using the Workflow routing in ODMS as your audio arrives it can be automatically routed to voice recognition using Dragon within ODMS
  5. When you or your typist arrive at their desk next, your audio will be loaded and transcribed. All that needs to be done is have the audio proof read.

It is that simple. The only thing to watch is the background noise when using Hugo. Try to Dictate using the iPhone earbuds in so you can get the most out of the Apple earbud noise cancelling microphone and always record in a quiet environment.

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