Olympus DS-9000 & DS-9500 Dictaphones Discontinued – New OM System Models

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The popular Olympus DS-9000 and DS-9500 digital dictaphones are becoming scarce with Olympus Australia already running out of the DS-9000 kits with no more coming. DS-9000 BYO (bring your own) dock and DS-9500 will run out soon.

The Olympus DS-9000/DS-9500 which have been around since August 2018 are replaced by the OM System branded DS-9100 and DS-2700 models.

The OM DS-9100 includes an ODMS Cloud license, while the DS-2700 comes with an ODMS R8 Dictation Module license. ODMS R8 was released globally in April 2024 to replace Olympus ODMS R7.

OM System DS-9100 vs DS-2700 digital dictaphone

The DS-9100 comes in two options, a DS-9100 kit which includes a docking station for fast charge and easy USB connect and a DS-9100 with BYO dock. The dock from the Olympus DS-9000/DS-9500 which is part CR-21 can be used with the DS-9100 and DS-2700 so if you are upgrading from the discontinued Olympus models a dock will not be required. The OM System DS-2700 does not come with a dock.

Both OM System models offer similar usability, with the main differences being the microphones and software licenses. The OM System DS-9100 is ideal for users needing cloud integration, while the DS-2700 suits those preferring traditional local file management. Although the DS-9100 can be used with locally installed ODMS R8 Dictation Module (DM) and the DS-2700 can be used with an ODMS Cloud licence.

Care needs to be taken when selecting a new model as the licence changes, especially if choosing ODMS Cloud, can have an impact on your typist.

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