Olympus Australia Incentify Buying Pro Dictation Equipment

##UPDATE## As of June 2011 this offer has now ended in Australia

I know fancy title for what is essentially a giveaway if you buy a bundle of the best digital dictaphone and transcription kit on the market the Olympus DS-5000 digital dictaphone (or DS-5000iD) and AS-5000 digital transcrpition kit. And why not, its alot of money to buy this gear so you should be rewarded and thats exactly what Olympus are prepared to do by giving away … drum roll please … a 14 mega pixel Olympus FE4030 digital camera.

In yet another move to send the competition scrambling for ideas the partnership between Olympus Voice and Olympus Imaging is cemented with this deal. To qualify all you need do is buy one DS-5000 and one AS-5000 in one transaction, that’s it. Oh and of course make sure you are buying from an Olympus Pro dealer in Australia who is participating in this promo, please check first though to make sure they have the camera stock so as not to be disappointed. At the time of writing, we Dictate Australia, have quite a few cameras to give away with 5000 bundles. No need to buy online we can invoice you.

The Olympus FE4030 is a stunning little point and shoot from Olympus, with a 14 megapixel sensor and powerful 4x optical zoom lens with 26mm wide angle, you’ll get your great shot every time. Get creative with the FE 4030’s selection of Magic Filters.  With Pop, Pinhole, Sketch and Fisheye effects, transform your photos into works of art, all at the touch of a button.  And when its time to upload your shots to your computer, you’ll be charging the battery at the same time, with USB and In-camera charging! I love the filters they can transform ordinary photos into works of art.

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