Philips SpeechLive – How to Dictate on any Mac or PC from Anywhere [Video]

Voiced by Amazon Polly

For this blog post where we going to look at Philips SpeechLive, a cloud dictation and transcription solution, from the perspective of the dictation Author, the person creating the dictation audio.

Philips Speechlive is revolutionising legal/medical dictation and transcription by utilising the cloud for audio processing. This frees up your staff to be able to work from anywhere, local software licence free, on any internet-connected Windows PC or Mac using the Google Chrome or Firefox browser. Creating a

Rather than write about it we have a handy video that takes your through the various ways to pass digital dictation into Philips Speechlive for either your typists to transcribe or use Philips automated voice to text.

The video is titled Philips SpeechLive – Digital Dictation 4 Ways as it covers:

  1. Using any physical handheld dictaphone, no expensive vendor software required, on Mac or Windows PC to dictate and send the audio to Philips SpeechLive
  2. Using either of the Philips apps for iOS or Android to dictate from anywhere, anytime on your smartphone
  3. Using a headset and microphone to dictate on any Mac or Windows PC via a web browser to directly create dictation audio in the cloud
  4. Also using a headset and mic using the Philips real-time voice-to-text solution to dynamically create text from your spoken word, also on any Windows PC or Mac just via a web browser


If you would like to know more about Philips Speechlive for your medical or legal practice please reach out to Dictate Australia – Philips who can explain how it works and how you can take the solution for a free test drive.

All audio in the video was created using a Philips SpeechOne wireless headset and microphone.

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