Philips Speechlive Speech-to-Text vs Dragon Anywhere DPA & DLA

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Philips Speechlive vs Dragon

In the blue corner we have Philips Speechlive with their Speech-to-Text. And in the Red corner we have Dragon Anywhere, Professional and Legal …

Ok this post is not about which is best, they are both excellent at what they do. The post is more about which solution Philips Speechlive with Speech-to-Text or Dragon Professional Anywhere DPA and Dragon Legal Anywhere DLA is best for you. Here we are going to be talking about DLA/DPA available with a Philips Speechlive licence rather than the independent product.

Philips have had a Speech-to-Text add-on option to Speechlive for a while which just keeps getting better with more features constantly being added and better accuracy obviously fuelled by the frantic evolution of AI powered back end solutions that help make speech recognition more accurate.

Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking first released in 1997, picture of an old computer. Dragon Anywhere is the latest version from Nuance.Dragon, from Nuance, has been around since 1997 when it was first released. Since being acquired by Microsoft Nuance’s Dragon suite of voice recognition applications seem to have had a lick of paint and have become way more slicker, easier to use, easier to setup and very very accurate.

With the latest Nuance Dragon Anywhere products, Professional for the every day professional and Legal for the every day legal person with their specific dictionary of legalise terminology and words, your personally trained, and constantly updated by regular use, voice profile, now lives in the cloud, making it available well …. Anywhere.

So lets break down why you might use either of these awesome voice and speech recognition solutions:

Philips Speechlive with Speech-to-Text

  • Use the Philips Speechlive app for iPhone or Android to dictate audio from anywhere at anytime.
  • Use the Philips Speechlive web portal via a browser on a Windows or Mac computer to dictate audio, on any computer, anywhere and at anytime.
  • Use a traditional hand held digital dictaphone, any brand, make or model and upload your dictation to Speechlive automatically when connected to your Windows PC or Mac. 
  • Have the audio you have created in any of the three scenarios above sent to Speech-to-Text and return to you the transcript, available for download via the browser and on the phone app.
  • Or send the audio to your Speechlive typist or transcription pool and they will receive both the audio and the transcript. The transcript just needs to be proofread and formatted, much faster than traditional transcription, reducing turnaround times and transcription hourly costs.
  • Need a voice recording of a meeting transcribed? Simply send to Speech-to-Text, indicate the number of speakers (maximum 10) and let Philips Speehlive do the work for you. Returned is a transcript of the meeting, with speakers identified (called speaker diarisation) along with time codes. Perfect for business meetings or if you are a jounalist to get those interviews transcribed quickly.
  • Want to do real time voice recognition on your Windows PC or Mac computer, Speech-to-Text can do that.

All the above points are covered in our video below:

Philips Speechlive with Dragon Professional Anywhere or Dragon Legal Anywhere

  • Dedicated Windows Speech-on-Demand application which can be used for real-time voice recognition on your Windows PC. While dictating on the PC your voice profile is constantly learning from the way you speak and improving the already impressive out of the box accuracy. Your profile is stored in the Cloud making it accessible from anywhere by Dragon or Philips Speechlive.
  • Need to record dictation on a Mac? Open up Speechlive in a browser on your Mac and talk directly to it. Send the dictation to “Speech Recognition” and Speechlive will use your Dragon profile to transcribe your audio. Of could you can also do this on a browser on a Windows PC, any computer, anytime from anywhere.
  • How about a transcript of dictation on a your iPhone or Android. With the Philips Speechlive app, with a DLA or DPA add-on, when you record on your smartphone and send to speech recognition your Dragon profile is used and the transcript is available on your phone. Need it on any computer, just log in to Speechlive anywhere and access your transcript.
  • Just like Philips Speech-to-Text, when you select to send dictation to your typist the audio will arrive along with a Dragon transcribed document ready for processing.

All the above points are covered in the video below:

So which solution is best for you and your business, Dragon Anywhere or Speech-to-Text?

  • Just want to dictate any time and anywhere, on a smartphone app, Windows or Mac browser then Speech-to-Text is for you.
  • Need to transcribe to odd interview or meeting, again Speech-to-Text
  • You only use a Mac, Speech-to-Text
  • Practice or Office Manager and need a simple solution for your many dictation authors while reducing transcription time, Speech-to-Text
  • Real time voice recognition on your Windows PC or Mac, Speech-to-Text
  • You are a professional who dictates alot and needs next level accuracy, then look at DPA or DLA
  • You like to create documents yourself on your PC, maybe short patient letters or long legal affidavits, DPA or DLA is for you. 
  • Want full control over your Windows PC with your voice, open applications, switch windows to different applications, transcribe what you say where you can put your cursor, again DPA or DLA is the one.

What are the Philips Speech-to-Text and Dragon Anywhere licence models?

Both Philips Speechlive Speech-to-Text and Dragon Anywhere DPA or DLA are one-year subscription licences and are both optional add-on’s to a Philips Speechlive licence. They can be added at anytime during the term of your Speechlive licence but note, when Speech-to-Text is added it is pro-rata’d to end the same date as your Speechlive licence anniversary. When DLA or DPA is added it starts a full one-year term from that date, this just means that your Speechlive licence and Dragon licence renewal may be out of sync.

I have a few Speechlive Dictation Authors, can some use Speech-to-Text and some use Dragon Anywhere?

Yes, Philips have made it possible for a dictation Speechlive author to have either Speech-to-Text or Dragon and both can be mixed in your Speechlive account.

For more information about Philips Speechlive or Dragon Anywhere Professional or Legal contact Dictate Australia

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