Watch ODMS Cloud in action – Dictation & Transcription Workflow from OM System

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ODMS Cloud Australia

The new dictation and transcription cloud solution from OM System (the new name for Olympus audio) has been live since April 2024 as we wrote in an earlier blog post. At Dictate Australia we have migrated many ODDS (Olympus Dictation Delivery Service) users and added many new users to the cloud solution. We have just created a short(ish) 6 minute video giving and overview of the flow from dictation author through to transcription typist.

Some key points for ODMS Cloud:

  • Each user role, both Author or Transcriptionist, requires an ODMS Cloud licence. Practice and office managers who do not have an author or typist role do not need a licence
  • Dictation authors can use the free ODMS Cloud smartphone app for iOS and Android to record and send dictation securely
  • Dictation authors can also use a compatible Olympus or OM System digital dictaphone and upload audio via the ODMS Desktop application for Windows and Mac
  • Transcription of audio can only be done using the ODMS Desktop application for Windows and Mac
  • Transcription typists require an OM System or Olympus compatible foot pedal for audio control while transcribing
  • ODMS Cloud licence can be easily assigned and unassigned to users. Unused licences sit in a pool ready for use, licences can be pre-purchased to cover licences for a year or more

For more information on ODMS Cloud or anything dictation, transcription or voice recognition please contact Dictate Australia.

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