First Update to OM System ODMS Cloud Rolled Out Today

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ODMS Cloud v1.10

The first update to the OM System ODMS Cloud backend is scheduled to be rolled out globally today, 17th June 2024 at 4pm AEST. This is the first update since v1.0 went live in April 2024. Although only small updates have been added in this release we expect more in the near future (just us hoping, not official from OM System).

If you see this when logging into ODMS Cloud – – you will know why …

OM System ODMS Cloud is currently under maintenance message
ODMS Cloud is currently under maintenance

A summary of the updates is below, a new updated 155 page user manual has also been released to accompany the updates, insomniacs rejoice. Here is a link to the ODMS Cloud v1.1 User Manual

The ODMS Cloud June 2024 release includes several updates and new functionalities:

  1. Bulk User Registration Function:
    • Allows the registration of multiple users simultaneously using a CSV file. This is intended to streamline the process of adding new users to the system.
  2. Edit/Delete Functions:
    • Edit Dictation File Name: Users can now rename dictation files within the workflow.
    • Delete Dictation File: Users can remove dictation files from the system.
    • Delete Users: It is now possible to delete user information from the ODMS Cloud.
    • Delete Typist Group: Typist groups can be removed.
    • Delete Template File: Template files can now be deleted.
    • Edit Partner Information: This function allows the editing of partner information but is only available from OMDS Support to Distributor level.
    • Delete Partners: Partners can be removed from the system, also restricted to certain administrative levels.
  3. File Automatic Deletion Function:
    • Enables automatic deletion of files marked as “Finished” after a predetermined period, which helps in managing the data lifecycle and storage efficiency.
  4. Updated Storage Management Function:
    • Display of Storage Capacity: Users can now view available and used storage capacities.
    • Warning for Exceeding Storage Capacity: A warning email is sent when the storage usage exceeds 80% of the capacity limit, helping to prevent overuse and potential system issues.

These enhancements aim to improve the administrative efficiency, data management, and usability of the ODMS Cloud system.

Having issues getting a user verified on ODMS Cloud?

Specifically if you have added a new user, Transcriptionist or Author role, an they did not verify using the automated link emailed within 24 hours, prior to this release you missed the verification window. With this release to ensure a user gets verified as an ODMS Cloud user you will need to delete the user from the portal and then re-add them, this will initiate a new verification process. Note a user can only be deleted if they do not have a licence so you will need to unassign the licence prior to deletion. If you are not sure please reach out to Dictate Australia for assistance.

How to delete a user from ODMS Cloud
Delete User now available in ODMS Cloud

ODMS Cloud is the replacement for the Olympus ODDS (Olympus Dictation Delivery Service) which is due to close down at the end of March 2025. See our blog post OM System Starts Migration of Olympus ODDS Users to ODMS Cloud

ODMS Cloud is a dictation and transcription workflow solution hosted in the cloud. To access and use the solution dictation authors and transcription typists require an ODMS Cloud one year subscription licence. Authors can use either the ODMS Cloud mobile app for iOS or Android or a compatible Olympus or OM System digital dictaphone to record and upload dictations. Transcription typists require the free ODMS Desktop application for Windows and Mac to transcribe audio from the ODMS Cloud.

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