Heads Up – Philips Voice Recorder App & Dictation Hub Going End of Life

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Speech Processing Solutions (Philips) globally have invested heavily the past few years in their cloud dictation, transcription and now voice-to-text solution Philips Speechlive and they couldn’t have played that hand any better. Maturing in the market just at the right time to enable “work from anywhere” professionals while simultaneously ticking the right security boxes to see many key medical and legal institutions in Australia utilise their Australian cloud.

The predecessor to Philips Speechlive was a solution called Dictation Hub. A no-fuss, easy to use mobile dictation solution allowing authors to dictate on their smartphone using the original Philips Voice Recorder app (red logo). Configuration was quick and easy, pop in your email address, add the email address of the person to send your audio to (usually your transcription typist) and select your audio format (DSS, MP3 or WAV) – dictate, send, forget. But with the continuous advances in Philips Speechlive SPS have announced some key dates for Dictation Hub users, detailed below:

End of September 2021

  • SPS to remove the Philips SpeechLive configuration options from the older Philips Voice Recorder app. Philips Speechlive users should switch to the newer Philips Speechlive app (blue icon).

Q4 2021

  • SPS to release an update to the Philips SpeechLive app adding an email sending option to cater for Dictation Hub users migrating to Philips Speechlive.

End of 2021

  • Sales and renewals of Dictation Hub licences will end 1st December 2021. Dictation Hub users should switch to Philips Speechlive and will only require one Philips Speechlive Author licence, the email send option will provide the same functionality as Dictation Hub provided. Contact Dictate Australia – Philips Speechlive for help migrating off Philips Dictation Hub.

15th December 2022

  • End of Life for Philips Dictation Hub


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