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We are often approached by our clients looking for good, reliable transcription services. The general prerequisites are usually:

  • Must be always available – no delays when processing your audio.
  • Must have predictable pricing – no bill shock.
  • Must be secure – audio is often confidential.
  • Must be accurate – why pay for a service which needs further work when returned.

You would think that when engaging a transcription service all the above would be met but all too often we hear of accuracy and turn-around time inconsistencies which can plague your practice.

About Philips Speech Live Transcription Service
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Philips, a long-established and trusted brand in the digital dictation and voice recording space, also have their own team of professionally trained transcription typists. Yes real people whose sole task is to listen intently and transcribe your audio, whether that is single speaker dictation of letters and notes or recordings of meetings/interviews.

Being a global brand Philips have the size and scale to meet all the pre-reqs people search for when hunting for an outsource permanent or ad-hoc transcription service.

Philips Speech Live App Transcription ServiceSpeech Live Transcription Services – Always Available

They are, with such a large team they cover audio from around the globe and are available 24×7.

Philips Transcription Services – Predictable Pricing

With their easy to use pricing table you will know the cost of your audio, no surprises when the transcription is received and a larger than expected bill comes with it.

Philips SpeechLive – Secure

The service is built into the global Philips Speechlive infrastructure used and trusted daily by legal and medical practices of all sizes globally.

Philips Speech Live Transcription Services – Accurate

Accuracy along with known turnaround times are key for a successful transcription service. Unlike many smaller transcription services who often pass your audio off to third party automated voice-to-text solutions to reduce their manual workload (at the same time increasing the security risk with your confidential audio) Philips only use real, professionally trained, transcription typists to process your audio. Yes the Philips transcriptionists will know your legal and medical terminology.

You decide what audio goes to the Philips Speechlive Transcription Service. If you use the Philips Speechlive (iOS) or Philips Recorder app (iOS & Android) simply select “Send to transcription service” when you have finished dictating. If you use a physical digital voice recorder, doesn’t have to be a Philips voice recorder can be any brand, to record your dictations or meeting/interview audio just upload your digital audio file directly to the Philips Speechlive web portal on any Windows PC or Mac.

Click here for more information on the Philips Speechlive Transcription service including pricing and turnaround times. If you would like to try Philips Speechlive for 30 days for free please reach out to us here.

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