[Mac] Small Bump Takes Dragon Dictate 3 to Version 3.0.1 – Bug Fix Update

Nuance Dragon Dictate 3 Mac Free Update Upgrade to Version 3.0.1

The first update to Dragon Dictate 3 from Nuance has been released, the small bug fix update takes the worlds best voice recognition software for the Mac to version 3.0.1 – nothing to see here, just grab the update and move on.

Release Notes For Dragon Dictate 3.0.1

  • Addressed issues related to extraneous characters and inverted characters appearing in dictation results in some applications.
  • Addressed issues when correcting portions of addresses and times.
  • Corrected an issue with inconsistent reporting of missing microphone.
  • Added a progress indictor that appears when pasting large amounts of text.
  • Corrected issues related to transcription of M4V file formats.
  • Corrected inconsistent performance of the “Go back” command in Microsoft Word 2011.
  • Addressed issues related to inconsistent behavior in the Express Editor.
  • Aligned Voice Training Stories for US and UK English.
  • Documentation fixes and updates.

Latest Version Dragon Dictate 3 for Mac from Nuance

If you are not prompted automatically for this download by your Dragon Dictate 3 install you can force an update check via “Check For Updates…” under Dictate.

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