New Olympus LS-12 & LS-14 Pro Studio Music Recorders About To Launch In Australia

Two incredible new digital music recorders are set to launch in Australia this month (April 2013), the Olympus LS-12 and LS-14. With every Olympus digital recorder launch the units just get better and better and in recent years cheaper and cheaper too, no complaints there. These two newbies are going to make any musician just a little excited as they are packed full of pro recording goodies including:

  • Linear PCM recording capturing pure sound upto 130 decibels – scream those electric guitars !
  • Built in chromatic tuner
  • Built in metronome
  • Overdubbing – record over original sound while monitoring the original sound
  • Pre-record buffer, no more missed queues as several seconds of audio are recorded prior to hitting the record button
  • Quick easy USB transfer to Mac or Windows computers

These two stunners have been on our radar since before Christmas so it has been a long wait for these to get their visa stamped and make their way to Australia. The LS-14 is available now the LS-12 will arrive in a couple of weeks time at the end of April. We were lucky enough to get a up close and personal with the units today.

Olympus LS-12 and LS-14 Pro Studio Digital Music Recorder

There are only a couple of key differences between the two recorders:

  • Memory: LS-12 has 2Gb and the LS-14 has 4Gb, both expandable by 32Gb using the built in SD/SDHC card slot
  • Mics: LS-12 has a stereo mic and the LS-14 a tresmic
  • Only the LS-14 can perform trimming (in PCM recording mode only)
  • Only the LS-14 has voice guidance
  • LS-14 comes with a case, the LS-12 doesn’t

And the best news of all, the price (tell ’em the price son). Yet again Olympus have up’d the game in terms of quality and at the same time kept the cost low. The RRP in Australia for these units are:

  • Olympus LS-12 RRP AU$199 incl. GST
  • Olympus LS-14 RRP AU$249 incl. GST

The LS-14 is available now from Dictate Australia, the LS-12 is expected end of April, 2013.

Thank you Julia Brimo, pianist from Sydney for playing the grand piano for our SoundCloud LS-14 sample audio.

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