Olympus Revise Down Pricing On Some Of Their Most Popular Digital Notetakers

Olympus Imaging yesterday revised the price on a number of their hugely popular digital notetakers (used mainly for voice notes, interviews, meetings, conferences, lectures etc.) in a downward direction. Last year we had a flood of downward price movements after the middle man, Nationwide Dictating, was removed and Olympus Imaging took over Australian distribution of the voice products. This downward trend seems to be continuing with Olympus in Australia making their voice recorders even more competitive and surely sending dread through most of their competitors who continue to struggle to get close to Olympus.

With Olympus though it is not just price reductions for the sake of it. They are busy, we continually see new models churn out of their factories so innovation continues while at the same time making the recorders much more affordable. Students in particular will be happy with this round as some of the budget recorders have been reduced. Here are the new Australian RRPs for the models affected (all prices stated include GST):

Left out of the price cuts are the popular DM-450 and DM-550 meeting/interview recorders and the LS-10 and LS-11 PCM music recorders.

So why the price cuts? One can only speculate and speculate we shall !! I would say Olympus want to continue to put pressure on the other players in the digital voice market. These include Philips who sit at number 2 in Australia and to a smaller extent Sony who seem to merely play at the voice recorder game and trade off their brand name rather than their cutting edge technology and local Australian support. We may see a revamp of the WS series models later this year and we may also get to see the DM-3 put in an appearance down under.

All RRP price changes effective from 8th February and always buy from an official Olympus Australia partner.

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