Music Lovers Hold Onto Your Hats – Olympus LS-3 Hits Australia

Olympus LS-3 PCM Music Digital Recorder

The latest music digital recorder from Olympus is now available in Australia, the Olympus LS-3 comes hot on the heels of the demise of its predecessors the LS-10 and LS-11 and puts its hand up as the sole recorder in the current Olympus Australia range aimed at recording music.

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Review: Olympus DM-450 & DM-550 Digital Voice Recorder Note Taker

Olympus DM-450 Digital Voice Recorder - Available in Australia from Dictate Australia -

You may want to go make a cup of tea before you start reading, this is going to be a long post. Why so long? The DM-450 and DM-550 are just amazing digital recorders and are packed to the brim with features while at the same time being extremely easy to use out of the box. So, if you have your tea made then lets begin….

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Dragon Dictate For Mac – What It Is Best At, Dumping Text [Video]

Dragon Dictate has been available in Australia and worldwide for a couple of weeks now and the flood of people upgrading from MacSpeech Dictate shows just how keen Mac users are for good voice recognition software like Dragon NaturallySpeaking for Windows. This short post is just a way for me to show you the very … read more

Dragon Dictate Mac Roadmap – What Next For Scribe? Medical? Legal?

Nuance has quickly forged their authority on the Dictate brand of voice recognition software for Mac and with their first release Dragon Dictate 2.0 they have done an excellent job. But what now for the Legal and Medical edition still stuck at MacSpeech Dictate version 1.5 and the fairly new offshoot product MacSpeech Scribe currently … read more

MacSpeech Dictate updated to Dragon Dictate 2.0 – Not Just A Name Change

The cat is finally out of the bag as Nuance, owners of the MacSpeech brand of voice recognition for Intel Mac, announced the latest version of the Dictate family. Dragon Dictate, formerly known as MacSpeech Dictate, is the new name and with it comes more enhancements and features. In this blog post we will look … read more

New Olympus Digital Voice Recorder – DM-5

Adding to the mountain of new Olympus digital voice recorders about to launch in Australia this month (September 2010) is the stunning new DM-5. Joining the DM-450 and DM-550 in the DM series the Olympus DM-5 heralds a new look voice recorder for the Olympus brand. As always with Olympus recorders, they are packed full … read more

September Olympus Voice Updates – PCM, Monster Memory, FM Radio

Another month, another round of new digital voice recorders coming from Olympus Imaging Australia. This month we sadly see the end of life for the WS-450S, WS-550M and WS-560M digital voice recorders, although stock of these will last for a month or two yet. Sad because these little recorders certainly keep the benchmark very high … read more

New Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11 – Screenshots

As we sit twiddling our thumbs waiting for Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11 to arrive in Australia we are keen for any information on the latest and greatest version from Nuance. Here are some screen shots of DNS11 to whet your appetite. Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11 HOME and PREMIUM editions can be pre-ordered from Dictate Australia, will be … read more