Review: Olympus DM-450 & DM-550 Digital Voice Recorder Note Taker

Olympus DM-450 Digital Voice Recorder - Available in Australia from Dictate Australia -

You may want to go make a cup of tea before you start reading, this is going to be a long post. Why so long? The DM-450 and DM-550 are just amazing digital recorders and are packed to the brim with features while at the same time being extremely easy to use out of the box. So, if you have your tea made then lets begin….

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New Australia & New Zealand Olympus Voice Distributor From Today – Olympus Imaging

Today, 15th December 2009, is day one for Olympus Imaging as they become the new distributor for Olympus voice products within Australia and New Zealand. Olympus Imaging has taken over from Nationwide Dictating who, after fifteen years of voice distribution, have called it a day. The Olympus website for information on Olympus voice products in … read more