New Olympus Digital Voice Recorder – DM-5

Olympus DM-5 Digital Voice Recorder - Available to buy online from Dictate Australia

Adding to the mountain of new Olympus digital voice recorders about to launch in Australia this month (September 2010) is the stunning new DM-5. Joining the DM-450 and DM-550 in the DM series the Olympus DM-5 heralds a new look voice recorder for the Olympus brand.

As always with Olympus recorders, they are packed full of features, huge amounts of memory and probably the best audio recording quality you can get from a digital voice recorder. If you are recording an interview, meeting, focus group or the speaker at a conference or lecture you won’t go wrong with an Olympus digital note taker. Here are some of the features included with the new DM-5:

  • Massive 8Gb of in-built memory
  • Record in .mp3, .wma or PCM .wav
  • Mac & Windows compatible, plug-and-play no software required
  • 3 Programmable buttons to easily access your favourite feature
  • Voice activated recording
  • Rechargeable batteries: charge from USB or mains power
  • 29 Hours of battery life
  • Expandable memory via microSD slot
  • Mic record level controls
  • Huge 2.2 inch backlit colour display

So as you can see not just an awesome, high quality voice recorder but choc-a-block with features and memory. I have mentioned in previous blog posts how the trend for note takers is moving away from just being recorders. Again we see mountains of memory, more than you would ever need for voice recording alone (522 hours on the highest quality record mode) so the humble digital voice recorder now becomes your  backup drive, your mass storage device for documents/photos/videos and your media player for music, podcasts or audio books ( compatible).

Something new for Olympus recorders is the large, 2.2 inch, colour screen. At a glance the status of your recording can be viewed without the need to cycle around menus, its all there in full colour. Flicking through the menus is also easier and clearer thanks to the vast amounts, compared to other voice recorders, of screen real estate. We hope to get one of the first DM-5’s into our office in the next day or two, as soon as we do we will post a blog review with audio samples and some close up pics.

RRP for the DM-5 in Australia is $599 incl. GST and they are expected to be available in Australia from 8th September 2010 onwards.

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