Digital Note Takers Discontinued By Olympus Australia

Olympus WS-550M Discontinued in Australia

This month we have seen the demise of some digital notetakers from Olympus’ current range. Out go the Olympus WS-550M, VN-5500PC and VN-6800PC. The VN series recorders ends the line of super cheap discount recorders although some will still be available in the short term through national chains like Officeworks, no loss there I was never a fan of these.

The dropping of the WS-550M was a bit of a surprise, traditionally Olympus kept a range of two or three recorders in a series line up, with the loss of the WS-550M this just leaves the WS-450S and the WS-560M as the two remaining WS series recorders. These are fantastic little recorders with amazing audio pickup.

Not content with dropping recorders Olympus also have some new recorders in the pipeline for next month, we are just waiting for confirmation before announcing what they will be. You will be pleasantly surprised, some very cool recorders are coming.

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  1. Hi Dave,
    thanks for the heads up. I guess Olympus wants to be efficient and not have too many models to look after in a category.

    I have to say that the Olympus WS-560M that I actually bought from you has been outstanding. I forgot it on the week-end for a 3 hour client meeting so used the iphone as a backup plan. It was so easy to copy from the iphone (5 x 33min recordings due to limitations of iphone file sizes) to the Olympus later as recoding with indexes to each section. (Earphone out to mic in process)

    Can’t wait to see what the new models will be like when I eventually retire my current unit. Also look forward to catching up with you guys in the near future too.

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